Author Topic: Geometric Post-process Anti-Aliasing (GPAA)  (Read 7516 times)

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Geometric Post-process Anti-Aliasing (GPAA)
« on: March 13, 2011, 04:44:39 AM »
Geometric Post-process Anti-Aliasing (GPAA)

Recently a number of techniques have been introduced for doing antialiasing as a post-processing step, such as MLAA and just recently SRAA. MLAA attempts to figure out the underlying geometric properties by analyzing the pixel colors in the final image. This can be complemented with depth buffer information such as in Jimenez's MLAA. SRAA uses super-resolution buffers to figure out the geometry. This demo shows a different approach which instead of trying to figure out the geometry instead passes down the actual geometry information and uses that to very accurately smooth geometric edges.