(Demo) QR Code Shaders

GeeXLab demo - Shaders in QR codes


For most people, QR codes are a way to store a web link. In reality, we can store more data in QR code than a simple web link. Take a look at the following QR code:

GeeXLab demo - Shaders in QR codes

It stores a complete pixel shader. If you drop this QR code in the GeeXLab demo you will get:

GeeXLab demo - Shaders in QR codes

And the following one:
GeeXLab demo - Shaders in QR codes

produces this effect:
GeeXLab demo - Shaders in QR codes

QR code shaders are an original ways to store your GLSL shaders. And for the same price, you get an extra layer of protection (easily crackable with a QR code reader).

All QR codes have been created with the QR code generator available in THIS POST.

This demo requires GeeXLab 0.35.1+ (the latest version is still a good choice) and an OpenGL 3.2 support, sorry for Raspberry Pi users but I was too lazy to convert GL3 shaders to GL2 shaders. The demo is available in the OpenGL 2.1 demopack in the d55-qr-code/qrcode_shader/ folder.

Load the demo in GeeXLab and drag and drop any QR code available in the d55-qr-code/qrcode_shader/qr_shaders/ folder.

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