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General Discussion / Re: 3DMark2000 - New WORLD REC...
Last post by nuninho1980 - Today at 01:31:03 PM
--> CPU@5.2GHz

I can beat again my old Record World!! :D

Watch - - read my description: look HWBot link
3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.8
Last post by Stefan - October 04, 2022, 05:31:17 PM
Download SDK

Download Windows driver 522.06 only

Driver 522.06 supports compute capabilities 8.9 and 9.0
This driver adds support for
  • NVIDIA_DEV.2331.1626.10DE = "NVIDIA H100 PCIe"
Ada Lovelace GPUs are missing in installer file, help yourself with TechPowerUp NVCleanstall
3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD Software: Adrenalin Editi...
Last post by Stefan - October 04, 2022, 05:25:11 PM
AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.10.1 Release Notes

  • Support for:
    • Overwatch® 2
Fixed Issues
  • Improvements to stuttering and dropped frames during video playback on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
  • GPU for image processing option may not be available using Adobe® Lightroom® on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
  • App crash may be experienced in Street Fighter™ 6 beta.
General Discussion / Re: Need help with my GTX 1660...
Last post by BigRed - October 04, 2022, 02:29:47 PM
Hi Stefan

Many thanks. The monitor and the Dp-Dp cable have worked flawlessly so far, so I dont think trying different ones make sense. I will try to install an older driver to see if the problem is still there.
General Discussion / Re: Need help with my GTX 1660...
Last post by Stefan - October 03, 2022, 07:44:04 PM
different monitor/TV
different cable - DP<->HDMI
different driver versions
other Unreal Engine 4 games/demos
General Discussion / Need help with my GTX 1660 / r...
Last post by BigRed - October 03, 2022, 12:02:58 AM
Hi all

I am having a bit of an issue with my GTX 1660 which I recently installed to replace my old RX 560. I have an HP 27xq monitor with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440. Due to the performance of the RX 560, I played Fortnite on 1920 x 1080 (full screen), which was ok. Performance on the GTX 1660 is a better, so I wanted to continue to play on 1920 resolution, but I turned up the quality setting.

However, ever since putting in the new card, when playing Fortnite, I get random black screens. Screen goes black for 2 seconds and then goes back to the game. It can happen 3 times within 5 mins, or only once, it is really all over the place, but highly annoying in any case. I dont seem to have this problem when playing in full screen / window mode. I have reinstalled the drivers with DDU but that didnt seem to help.

Does anybody here have an idea where to begin?

Many thanks in advance
3D-Tech News Around The Web / TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.50.0 Relea...
Last post by Stefan - October 01, 2022, 12:42:41 PM
GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

Version History
v2.50.0 (October 1st, 2022)
  • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090
  • Improved detection for Intel Arc A750 & A770
  • Added Intel Arc VRAM temperature monitoring
  • Fixed Intel Arc temperature sensors
  • Instead of showing a blank window, a proper message is displayed when the DLSS Game Scan finds no supported games
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Vulkan Hardware Capability Vie...
Last post by Stefan - September 30, 2022, 06:47:07 PM
Current stable release 3.26

Release notes
3.26 - 2022-09-30
  • Added support for new features and properties provided via VK_KHR_GET_PHYSICAL_DEVICE_PROPERTIES_2:
    • VK_EXT_opacity_micromap
    • VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state3
    • VK_EXT_device_fault
    • VK_EXT_device_address_binding_report
    • VK_EXT_pipeline_protected_access
    • VK_EXT_legacy_dithering
    • VK_EXT_mutable_descriptor_type
    • VK_EXT_rasterization_order_attachment_access
    • VK_NV_present_barrier
    • VK_NV_optical_flow
  • Updated Vulkan profiles library to the latest version
  • Added detection for Windows 11
  • Fixed a bug with large values for maxTimelineSemaphoreValueDifference
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Vulkan API specifications 1.3....
Last post by JeGX - September 29, 2022, 12:59:25 PM
QuoteChange log for September 29, 2022 Vulkan 1.3.230 spec update:
Public Issues:

  * Add common valid usage statements for bind buffer and bind image
    commands to prevent rebinding resources after slink:vkFreeMemory (public
    issue 1937).

Internal Issues:

  * Add common valid usage statements for drawing commands to prevent
    binding an input attachment descriptor with an image view that is not in
    the framebuffer (internal issue 3223).
  * Fix references to nonexistent 'fragmentShadingRate' feature (internal
    issue 3235).
  * Add valid usage statement to flink:vkCmdCopyQueryPoolResults disallowing
    usage on active queries (internal issue 3236).
  * Update structure layouts in `video.xml` for the provisional video
    extensions to address alignment issues (internal issue 3242).
  * Clarify that slink:VkGraphicsPipelineLibraryCreateInfoEXT::pname:flags
    excludes linked libraries (internal merge request 5447).
  * Change the type of slink:VkVideoReferenceSlotInfoKHR::pname:slotIndex to
    `int32_t` in the provisional video extensions (internal merge request

New Extensions:

  * apiext:VK_EXT_device_address_binding_report
  * apiext:VK_EXT_device_fault
  * apiext:VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state3
  * apiext:VK_EXT_pipeline_protected_access
  * apiext:VK_NV_optical_flow
  * apiext:VK_NV_present_barrier

New extensions:

- VK_EXT_device_address_binding_report
QuoteThis extension enables applications to track the binding of regions of the GPU virtual address space, and to associate those regions with Vulkan objects. This extension is primarily intended to aid in crash postmortem, where applications may wish to map a faulting GPU address to a Vulkan object.

For example, a page fault triggered by accessing an address located within a region of the GPU virtual address space that was previously reported as bound and then unbound may indicate a use-after-free error. Similarly, faults generated by accessing virtual addresses outside the limits of a bound region of GPU virtual address space may indicate indexing beyond the bounds of a resource.

- VK_EXT_device_fault
QuoteDevice loss can be triggered by a variety of issues, including invalid API usage, implementation errors, or hardware failures.

This extension introduces a new command: flink:vkGetDeviceFaultInfoEXT, which may be called subsequent to a ename:VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST error code having been returned by the implementation. This command allows developers to query for additional information on GPU faults which may have caused device loss, and to generate binary crash dumps, which may be loaded into external tools for further diagnosis.

- VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state3
QuoteThis extension adds almost all of the remaining pipeline state as dynamic state to help applications further reduce the number of monolithic pipelines they need to create and bind.

- VK_EXT_pipeline_protected_access
QuoteThis extension allows protected memory access to be specified per pipeline as opposed to per device. Through the usage of this extension, any performance penalty paid due to access to protected memory will be limited to the specific pipelines that make such accesses.

- VK_NV_optical_flow
QuoteOptical flow are fundamental algorithms in computer vision (CV) area. This extension allows applications to estimate 2D displacement of pixels between two frames.

- VK_NV_present_barrier
QuoteThis extension adds support for synchronizing corresponding presentation requests across multiple swapchains using the present barrier.