Author Topic: Intel OpenCL SDK Feb 2011 update - 64 bit support, 1.1 full coverage and more  (Read 17568 times)

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Intel® OpenCL SDK update with full coverage of the OpenCL* 1.1 standard to the Intel® CoreTM processors, and support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on Windows* based operation systems.

Lots of great feedback in this forum has helped to shape this update release and I would like to thank you. We continue to process your feedback and will extend our support and feature set in future releases.

Here is what’s new:       

    * 64 bit support
    * Full coverage of the OpenCL 1.1 standard on the CPU (check Intel® OpenCL SDK website for conformance status)
    * Preview Feature: Support for printf() in OpenCL™ C kernels (cl_intel_printf)
    * Preview Feature: Support for function overloading (cl_intel_overloading)
    * Intel OpenCL Offline compiler bug fixes and improvements
    * Many other bug fixes

GPU Caps Viewer's OpenCL tab shows multiple vendors, but its demos always use runtime that has been installed first.
So i made some registry patches for easy switching (0=enabled, 1=disabled)
Download them from attachment

Now you can try Encog OpenCL Benchmark which is 64 bit only.
Note: it contains a bug so you must change 1.0 to 1 as seen in screenshot.

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Stefan, you're Geeks3D OpenCL guy  ;D


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missing "nvidia" on your 1st post?? I can't simultaneously 2 plataforms (cpu+gpu) opencl but I can enable cpu or gpu.


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I added NVIDIA registry entries. Download all patches from attachment in first post.

Intel only
ATI only
ATI + Intel
NVIDIA + Intel

I wrote them the same way like ATI did originally in Catalyst installer so that they can be used on either 32 or 64 bit OS (dead keys will be ignored by the OS).

That should do the job until SAMSUNG releases the x86 version of their OpenCL SDK  ;D

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