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GPU buffers
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:31:33 PM »
GPU buffers are a powerful new feature of GLSL Hacker 0.7.0+. A GPU buffer is a wrapper around OpenGL hardware buffer objects. You can easily create an uniform or shader storage buffer, set values and use the buffer in a GLSL shader.

Here is a code snippet (in Lua) that illustrates how to use GPU buffers functions of the new gh_gpu_buffer lib:

Code: [Select]
storage_size = 32 -- memory size in bytes for two vec4
flags = ""
ssbo = gh_gpu_buffer.create("SHADER_STORAGE", "GL_DYNAMIC_READ", storage_size, flags)

buffer_offset_bytes = 0
gh_gpu_buffer.set_value_4f(ssbo, buffer_offset_bytes, x0, y0, z0, w0)

buffer_offset_bytes = buffer_offset_bytes + 16
gh_gpu_buffer.set_value_4f(ssbo, buffer_offset_bytes, x1, y1, z1, w1)



binding_point_index = 3
gh_gpu_buffer.bind_base(ssbo, binding_point_index)

More complete examples are available in the code sample pack:

- host_api/gl-310-arb-uniform-buffer/
- host_api/gl-420-arb-atomic_counters/
- host_api/gl-430-arb-shader-storage-buffer-object/
- host_api/gl-440-arb-bindless-texture/

All these code samples use GPU buffers to share data with GLSL programs.