Author Topic: AMD SuperSample Anti-Aliasing11 V1.0 and ForwardPlus11 v1.0 samples  (Read 9961 times)

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SuperSample Anti-Aliasing11 V1.0 (January 2013)
    This samples demonstrates some of the ways in which to reduce aliasing without using a post process technique. Methods include antialiasing (MSAA), supersample antialiasing (SSAA) and enhanced quality antialiasing (EQAA).

ForwardPlus11 v1.0 (January 2013)
    This sample provides an example implementation of the Forward+ algorithm, which extends traditional forward rendering to support high numbers of dynamic lights while maintaining performance. It utilizes a Direct3D 11 compute shader (DirectCompute 5.0) to divide the screen into tiles and quickly cull lights against those tiles, resulting in per-tile light lists for the forward pixel shader.