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NVIDIA Quadro driver 275.36 WHQL
« on: June 02, 2011, 10:55:25 PM »
Downloads at NVIDIA

New in Release 275.36:

    CUDA 4.1 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications.  See CUDA for more details.
    NVIDIA Control Panel Updates
            Revised the ‘Adjust Desktop Size and Position,’ page to provide improved controls for desktop scaling and resizing.
                Includes a preview window.
                Available for all displays (including VGA and HDMI connections).
                Scaling override option
            Under Windows Vista/Windows 7, the Set up SLI Mosaic page uses the same controls as the Set up Mosaic page.
    Display Support
        Added 10-bit Grayscale through DVI for Windows 7  - enables 10-bit Grayscale through DVI for supported monitors such as proprietary medical displays.
    G-Sync for Direct3D applications
        Enable Direct3D applications to synchronize back buffer presents across multiple GPU's in one system or multiple systems. Multi-Window and Full-Screen applications are supported. Requires NVIDIA G-Sync II and supported Quadro boards, see for more information.
    ODE Driver
        The R275 drivers are the first ‘Optimal Drivers for Enterprise’, a release dedicated to relatively long term stability for ISV certification, OEMs, and Enterprise customers.
New APIs

    OpenGL path rendering API – enables high-quality text and 2D rendering with OpenGL applications.


    This driver release includes NVIDIA WMI, a Windows service as well as decouple WMI provider that allows WMI clients to query and monitor such GPU parameters as GPU fan speed and GPU temperature.

Workstation application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.


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Re: NVIDIA Quadro driver 275.36 WHQL
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2011, 11:24:34 PM »
Hey JeGX, any word on what this is:
OpenGL path rendering API

Sounds just like what I was looking for a few months ago.

Also what is this CUDA 4.1? I can't see announcements about it and they only released CUDA 4.0 last week!
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Re: NVIDIA Quadro driver 275.36 WHQL
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2011, 10:05:18 AM »
I'm investigating...