Furmark test in virtual machines

Started by copps, December 19, 2020, 10:15:37 AM

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it is not possible to try with Furmark Test the GPU performance in virtual Box or Vmware workstation
Only runnimg GPU Stresstest starts in give information virtualBox graphic WDDM  SVGA 3D
by all others possibilities not possible to open full screen.
Trying GPU-Z - no results.
It woulby nice to have the possibility to test Grapic performance in virtual mchines VBOX or Vmwareworkstation.
There is much need for, because many CAD or NC steering .... or other also gamnes programs older using by people
running only in Windows 7/32 or windows Xp, so using a new computer the only chance is to use it in a VM machine installed with older OS

it is soon possible or what i do wrong ?
Best regards