GeForce GTX Zotac 1080 ti issue

Started by 964t, May 30, 2019, 11:28:16 PM

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Hi Guys,

because of my graphic card makes problems, I used the FurMark v1.20.5.0 to check and after only 3 minutes run an window appears with following information:

Is that normal that this screen appears after 3 minutes running in UHD?
In lover resolution this window don't pops up.

Can it be that something is wrong with the card?




are you hitting "benchmark" or "stress test"? stress test is unlimited time. benchmark is only a short period of time



well you only get that screen if you did a benchmark instead of a stress test. It looks like you clicked "Preset:2160 (4K/UHD)" button instead of "GPU stress test" button.


yes, the only way to get the score box is to press on one of the benchmark buttons.


Hey guys, sorry you are right  ::)

I clicked the UHD 4k button because I want to enhanced the performance for the GPU.
But I need to read how to use this app  :'(