Flam4CUDA 0.72 available

Started by Stefan, August 06, 2009, 12:53:59 PM

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-Updated to CUDA 2.3 - you'll probably have to update your drivers.
--Cuda 2.3 now supports multi-gpu with SLI enabled at the same time - no more twiddling settings!
-Fixed issue with frames becoming darker over the course of a long animation.
-Moved the flam3 XML loader to Flam4CudaX.dll, so it's now accessible to third parties.
-Added transparency option for PNG sequences.
-Fixed issue with the PNG sequence folder browser - you can now save to any folder, not just folders in My Pictures.
-Added support for rendering animations to PNG sequences.

Get it from Sourceforge.

Unfortunately the Electric Sheep server is down atm  :(