Microsoft GDC 2009 round-up

Started by Stefan, August 06, 2009, 12:07:48 PM

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QuoteGDC 2009: The Beauty of Destruction
This presentation will cover all aspects of C++ object destruction, ranging from destructor performance to best practices.

GDC 2009: Lockless Programming
This talk will explain the problems with locks and how lockless programming can avoid those limitations. It will then cover some of the challenges with lockless programming and how to manage them.

GDC 2009: NetGrove - New Tools for Network Optimization
The talk will provide demonstrations of a number of NetGrove's features that build on the packet sniffing capabilities of NetMon 3.1 as well as provide easy-to-adopt techniques for tuning games to typical bandwidths and latencies.

GDC 2009: Direct3D11 Multithreaded Rendering and Compute
This talk will discuss the changes made to the Direct3D11 API that enable resource management and rendering work to be submitted across multiple CPU threads.


QuoteGDC 2009: Windows 7 - What Does it Mean to Game Developers
This talk will summarize the new platform features, and detail the technical differences between Windows Vista and the upcoming new release.

GDC 2009: Get Ready for Windows 7
This presentation introduces Windows 7 and summarizes the key developer advances such as The New Taskbar and Shell Experience, Federated Search, Multi-touch Support, and Sensors and Location.

GDC 2009: Out of Order - Making In-Order Processors Play Nicely
This session illustrated the strategies you can employ to get great performance on in-order CPUs, including tackling load-hit-stores, L2 miss, branch mispredicts and expensive instructions.

GDC 2009: Direct3D11 Tessellation Deep Dive
This talk will summarize the design of the hull shader, tessellator, and domain shader pipeline stages, and outline their intended usage.