Inferred Bokeh demo

Started by Stefan, November 09, 2010, 06:26:47 PM

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QuoteThis is the result of this thread on bokeh. It's a small demo featuring DOF with Bokeh, SSAO, Bloom and inferred lighting.

The bokeh effect was inspired by lost planet, the details of the implementation are in the linked thread.

You can download the executable and shaders from here. A warning if you're going to delve into the GLSL code though - it's very "proof of concept" (not at all optimal!).

If you don't have MSVC 9/2008 installed, you'll also need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable.

Requires OpenGL2.1 / DirectX9.0c compatible GPU.
Older GPUs may work, but the bokeh effect probably won't show up (requires vertex texture fetch).
A multi-core CPU is recommended but not required.

Many thanks to the great developers at!

Inspite of using VTF the bokeh effect works on my ATI Cedar. I thought ATI requires R2VB  ???