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Intel HD Graphics + OpenGL
« on: March 29, 2020, 02:10:06 PM »
This post is a request for help about impossibility to acceerate OpenGL on my Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU.

I mean that such thing as OpenGL exists on my PC. But somewhy i cannot use it. Or I do not know how to use it. Or my GPU driver does not know how to use it. Or smth else. Actually, it is not a PC. It is a laptop and use it to work and to play. Such games as Half-life 2, Civilization 4 and 5, CS:GO work correcly. But GZDooM (used to run Brutal Doom) returns an error: R_OPENGL: OpenGL driver not accelerated! I launched GPU Caps Viewer to see the issue (results are at Google drive).

So the question is: How to accelerate OpenGL on Intel HD Graphics 4000?


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Re: Intel HD Graphics + OpenGL
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2020, 08:35:28 PM »
Judging from the screenshots your GPU works as expected.

I suggest to contact the author of GZDooM, send him the exported GPU data from the tools tab in GPUCapsViewer.

btw there is a driver update for your GPU