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> Compute shaders on Radeon
> Distance functions in GLSL
> GLSL Interpolation Qualifiers
> Tessellation Spacing Modes
> Normal Visualizer with GS
> 3D Surface Plots
> Normal Mapping
> Circle and Disc in GLSL
> PhysX 3 Flag Demo
> GLSL Hacker on Raspberry Pi
GLSL Hacker

Developer's Guide
XML, Lua, Python Host-API

GLSL Hacker Code Samples

The best way to discover GLSL Hacker is to study the code samples. Source codes are provided and they are ready-to-use: just drag and drop the XML file in GLSL Hacker. You can download them separately from this page: Code Sample Pack.

GLSL Hacker XML Host-API Index

GLSL Hacker XML Host-API is the set of xml nodes that allows to describe a 3D scene.

GLSL Hacker Scripting Host-API Index

GLSL Hacker Scripting Host-API is the set of modules and functions that allows Lua and Python scripts to interact with GLSL Hacker engine.

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