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RSX Reality Synthesizer, the PS3’s GPU

Want to know to what looks like the graphics processor of a Sony PlayStation 3? Hardware Secrets has done the job for us. The PS3 is completely disassembled and here is the GPU:

PS3 GPU: RSX Reality Synthesizer - CXD2982

The heart of the Playstation 3 is made of two processors: the CPU (Cell Broadband Engine or CXD2989), and the GPU (RSX Reality Synthesizer or CXD2982).
RSX Reality Synthesizer has the following specifications:
– 550 MHz, 90nm process and 300+ million transistors
– 24 pixel processors
– 8 vertex processors
– 24 texturing units
– 8 ROPs
The PS3’s GPU is based on old NVIDIA G70 (GeForce 7) architecture…