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AMD FirePro V8700 and FirePro V3750

ATI/AMD introduced two new workstation graphics cards: the FirePro V8700 (the most powerful) and the FirePro V3750. These cards are targeted for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) professionals.

FirePro V8700 Main Features:
– GPU: RV770 based
– Shader Processors: 800
– Memory: 1Gb GDDR5
– DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 2.1

FirePro V3750 Main Features:
– GPU: RV730 based
– Shader Processors: 320
– Memory: 256Mb GDDR3
– DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 2.1


ATI FirePro Workstation Graphics Accelerators

Alongside its FireGL professional graphics cards, ATI has launched new 3D graphics accelerators: FirePro V3700 and FirePro V5700. FirePro V3700 is the entry level model (40 unified shader processors, 256Mb memory) and FirePro V5700 is the top level (320 unified shader processors, 512Mb memory). These graphics cards come with OpenGL optimized graphics drivers (for CAD and professional DCC applications) and support DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 2.1.

More information here: ATI FirePro™ 3D V3700, ATI FirePro™ 3D V5700 Workstation Graphics Accelerators.

From the number of shader processors, the FirePro V5700 is based on the old RV670 GPU. Why ATI does not release a FirePro with the latest RV770?