Shadertoy Demopack v23.3.28

GeeXLab - Shadertoy Demopack


A new version of the Shadertoy demopack is available to enjoy Shadertoy demos on your PC. The Shadertoy demopack is a selection of the coolest demos available on shadertoy website.

New shadertoy demos are in the following folders:

Unzip the pack where you want, and drag and drop any demo (main.xml or demo.xml) into GeeXLab.

If you want to benchmark and log scores, you can do it via command line:

GeeXLab /width=1920 /height=1080 /fullscreen /demofile="absolute_path_to_the_demo.xml" /demofile_abs_path=1 /no_menubar /benchmark_duration_ms=10000 /benchmark_log_score

Many demos, if not all, are shipped with live-coding ready pixel shader. That means you can edit the shader file (shader_img.glsl in single pass demos) in your favorite text editor and any change is instantly visible.

New demos:

+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/hex-tile-transition-effect/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/synthwave-canyon/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/cable-nest/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/electric-eel-universe/
+ added gl-shadertoy-multipass/moominhouse/
+ added gl-shadertoy-multipass/apollonian-construction/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/meander-belts/
+ added gl-shadertoy-multipass/refractive-polyhedron/
+ added gl-shadertoy-multipass/pseudo-realtime-path-tracing/1
+ added gl-shadertoy-multipass/frooty/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/cavernic/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/desire_crystal/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/inercia2022-energetic-flyby/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/cubes-are-dancing/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/geometric-altar/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/inercia2022-glowing-fibers/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/inercia2022-royaliptic/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/inercia2022-intended-one/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/twitter-blue-check/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/walk-like-an-egyptian/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/high-voltage-tendencies/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/fractal-doodling/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/wednesday-messing-around/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/anti-aliased-texture-sampling/
+ added gl-shadertoy-singlepass/back-to-fractal-city/

Some screenshots:

Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

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