Flower Tweet Shader

GeeXLab - Twigl flower shader


Today, a new tweet shader made by yonatan using twigl.app (online editor for coding one tweet pixel shaders). This shader is very cool and I ported it to GeeXLab.

Original pixel shader:

for(float i,g,e,R,S;i++<1e2;o.rgb+=hsv(.4-.02/R,(e=max(e*R*1e4,.7)),.03/exp(e))){S=1.;
vec3 p=vec3((FC.xy/r-.5)*g,g-.3)-i/2e5;p.yz*=rotate2D(.3);

Here is the same pixel shader in the GeeXLab demo:

#version 150
uniform float time;
uniform float frame;
uniform vec2 resolution;
in vec4 v_texcoord;
out vec4 FragColor;

#define PI 3.14159265
#define FC gl_FragCoord

vec3 hsv(float h, float s, float v)
  vec4 t = vec4(1.0, 2.0 / 3.0, 1.0 / 3.0, 3.0);
  vec3 p = abs(fract(vec3(h) + t.xyz) * 6.0 - vec3(t.w));
  return v * mix(vec3(t.x), clamp(p - vec3(t.x), 0.0, 1.0), s);

mat2 rotate2D(float r)
  return mat2(cos(r), sin(r), -sin(r), cos(r));

void main()
  vec2 r = resolution;
  float t = time;
  float f = frame;
  vec4 o = vec4(0.0);
  vec3 p = vec3(0.0);
  float i=0,g=0,e=0,R=0,S=0;
  for(; i++<1e2; o.rgb += hsv(.4-.02/R,(e=max(e*R*1e4,.7)),.03/exp(e)))
    vec3 p=vec3((FC.xy/r-.5)*g,g-.3)-i/2e5;

  FragColor = o;

The GeeXLab demo (just drop geexlab-demopack-gl32/d30-twigl/twigl06.xml in GeeXLab):
GeeXLab - Twigl flower shader

The shader is ready for live coding. Just edit the shader (d30-twigl/shaders/ps06.glsl) in your favorite text editor and save it to see the result in real time.

On a GeForce RTX 2070, this demo runs at 190 FPS (resolution: 800x800).

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