GeeXLab 0.49 Released for Windows and Linux (Updated: v0.49.3)

GeeXLab 0.49 scriptable proto-engine



1 – Release Notes

This new version of GeeXLab is available for Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and Linux 64-bit (GLIBC 2.31). This version of GeeXLab is used as the foundation of several new GPU tools: GPU Shark 2, FurMark 2 and GPU Magick. All these tools will be released very shortly.

Here are the main changes in GeeXLab 0.49:

GPU Monitoring plugin

The GPU monitoring plugin comes with the support of recent NVIDIA GPUs: GeForce RTX 4090 and GeForce RTX 4080, GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X and RTX 3060 GDDR6X. The fan speed reading has been improved for GeForce GPUs: all fans can bee now monitored (new functions in gh_gml library: get_num_fans() and get_fan_speed_v2()).

The major new feature in the GPU monitoring plugin is the support of Intel Arc GPUs: Arc A380, Arc A750 and Arc A770. All important hardware sensors can be monitored: GPU temperature, GPU usage, fan speed, chip power consumption, GPU and memory clock speed. The monitoring of Arc GPUs is only available on Windows 64-bit.

GPU Shark 2 (based on GeeXLab and soon available) has the monitoring of Intel Arc GPUs:
GPU Shark 2 - Intel Arc A750 monitoring


Python 3.11 Support

The latest version of Python 3 is now supported. GeeXLab can now execute scripts for Python 3.7, Python 3.8, Python 3.9, Python 3.10 and Python 3.11. The Python demopack contains a set of demos to check the support of all versions of Python (folder: geexlab-demopack-python3/general/01-system-info-v2/).

Python 3.11 support in GeeXLab

On the Windows version, Python 3.8 is the default Python version when you specify only PYTHON_3 in the XML script node. On Linux, the default Python version is now Python 3.10. GeeXLab allows you to specify the Python version in your scripts (PYTHON_3_7, PYTHON_3_10, etc.) as well as Python’s home directory.


Lua Engine

I slightly modified the Lua engine in order to display longer file names in error messages. By default, the length of file names is 60 bytes. The new length is now 512 bytes.


Vulkan plugin

The instance creation is now done with Vulkan 1.1 (VK_API_VERSION_1_1). For ray tracing, the version 1.2 is recommended. You can specify the Vulkan version (vulkan1.2 or vulkan1.3, default is vulkan1.1) in the XML window node:


The support of multi-sampling anti-aliasing has been added to the Vulkan plugin. You can enable this support in the window node:


In OpenGL, the MSAA support can be enabled or disabled at any moment in the frame script. This feature is not possible in Vulkan.



GeeXLab 0.49 comes with the latest Dear ImGui 1.89 final. The ImPlot support has been updated with version 0.14 and some functions to draw plots have been updated with new parameters. A demo is available in the OpenGL 2.1 demopack: geexlab-demopack-gl21/d29-imgui/imgui-implot/.

GeeXLab ImPlot demo

I took the time to add a cool lib in GeeXLab to draw some spinners with ImGui. A demo is available in OpenGL 2.1 demopack: geexlab-demopack-gl21/d29-imgui/imgui-imspinner/.

GeeXLab ImSpinner demo


Libraries Update

The following libraries have been updated to their latest versions:
– Dear ImGui: 1.89.1
– ImPlot: 0.14
– SQlite: 3.40.0
– SDL2 (FFmpeg plugin): 2.0.26
– curl: 7.86.0
– Python 3.10: 3.10.8
– Python 3.11: 3.11.0


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2023.01.06
! (2023.01.06) Linux: the 3D window can now be resized or NOT (resizable
  attribute in the XML window node now works).
! (2023.01.04) GPU monitoring: added support of GeForce RTX 4070 Ti.
! (2023.01.04) updated imspinner with latest version (2023.01.03).
! (2023.01.04) updated SQLite engine with latest version 3.40.1

Version - 2022.12.17
! (2022.12.17) updated parameters of gh_imgui.imspinner_spinner_dots() and 
+ (2022.12.16) added get_dpi_scale(), get_system_dpi(), get_dpi_for_window(), 
  get_dpi_for_monitor() and get_dpi_for_monitor_v2() to gh_utils lib. 
  These functions allow to deal with high DPI scale on Windows platform.
+ (2022.12.16) added kill_all_fonts() to gh_imgui lib.
+ (2022.12.16) added get_size_xml() to gh_window lib.
! (2022.12.16) Python 3 plugin updated with latest Python 3.11.1.
+ (2022.12.14) GPU monitoring plugin: preliminary support of the new 
  AMD ADLX library.
+ (2022.12.13) GPU monitoring plugin: added support of Radeon RX 7900 XTX 
  and RX 7900 XT.
* (2022.12.04) GPU monitoring plugin: fixed a bug in the detection of 
  Radeon GPUs.

Version - 2022.11.30
! (2022.11.30) updated with Dear ImGui 1.89.1 bugfix release.

Version - 2022.11.22
! (2022.11.22) updated FFmpeg plugin with SDL2 2.0.26 library.
+ (2022.11.22) [GPU monitoring] added get_num_fans() and get_fan_speed_v2() to 
  gh_gml libary.
! (2022.11.18) GPU monitoring plugin: updated with NVAPI R525. 
+ (2022.11.17) added a set of functions in gh_imgui to draw some spinners...
! (2022.11.17) updated with latest Dear ImGui 1.89 final.
! (2022.11.17) updated with latest SQLite 3.40.
! (2022.11.17) Lua engine: updated the maximum size for the 
  description of the source of a function in debug information
  from 60 bytes to 512 bytes.
+ (2022.11.15) GPU monitoring plugin: added support of GeForce RTX 4090 
  and RTX 4080.
* (2022.11.07) (Windows) GPU monitoring plugin: NVIDIA detection now uses 
  the nvml library shipped with the graphics driver.
! (2022.11.07) (Windows) improved resize message handling in 
  monitoring mode.
+ (2022.11.04) added support of Python 3.11.
! (2022.11.01) updated curl support with latest version 7.86.0.
! (2022.10.21) GPU monitoring plugin: updated Intel Arc GPU monitoring support:
  Intel Arc A770, Arc A750 and Arc A380.
! (2022.10.21) GPU monitoring plugin: updated with NVAPI R520.
* (2022.10.19) (windows) fixed a bug in the grab frame function of the webcam module.
  Fixed the return value of gh_utils.webcam_grab_frame().
+ (2022.10.16) added multisampling support in the Vulkan plugin (2X / 4X / 8X MSAA).
! (2022.10.15) a Vulkan instance is now created with version 1.1 (VK_API_VERSION_1_1).
  For raytracing, version 1.2 is recommended.
! (2022.10.12) updated Python 3.10 plugin with latest Python 3.10.8 binaries.
! (2022.10.12) GPU monitoring plugin: added support of GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X, 
  RTX 3060 GDDR6X.
+ (2022.10.06) added implot_begin_plot_v2(), implot_setup_finish(), 
  implot_setup_axis(), implot_setup_axis_limits(), implot_setup_axis_format(),
  implot_setup_axis_scale(), implot_setup_legend(), 
  implot_setup_mouse_text() to gh_imgui.
! (2022.10.06) updated implot_draw_plotline(), implot_draw_plotscatter() and
  implot_draw_plotshaded() of gh_img lib with flags paramaters.
! (2022.10.06) updated ImPlot with version 0.14.
! (2022.10.06) updated SQLite engine with latest version 3.39.4
! (2022.10.06) updated OpenVR plugin with OpenVR SDK 1.23.7.
+ (2022.10.05) added system_exe() to gh_utils.

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