GeeXLab 0.47 Released for Windows and Linux

GeeXLab: scriptable proto-engine for Windows and Linux




1 – Release Notes

This new version of GeeXLab is available for Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and Linux 64-bit (linked with GLIBC 2.31).

GeeXLab 0.47 improves the Python 3 support. Now, GeeXLab supports Python 3.7, Python 3.8, Python 3.9, Python 3.10 and is ready for upcoming Python 3.11. There is a dedicated plugin for each version of Python (in the Windows version: plugin_gxl_python3_7_x64.dll, plugin_gxl_python3_8_x64.dll, plugin_gxl_python3_9_x64.dll and plugin_gxl_python3_10_x64.dll). There are new XML attributes and values to specify which version of Python you use in a demo.

For example, here is a Python 3.7 demo. In the window XML node, you can specify the Python’s home directory with the python3_7_home attribute. Python’s home is the directory where the whole Python distribution is installed. On Windows if you don’t use this attribute, GeeXLab will use a default path for the home directory:

– for Python 3.7

– for Python 3.8

– for Python 3.9

– for Python 3.10

Don’t forget to replace USER_NAME with your user name.

And for each script, you have to specify the Python version with the language attribute: PYTHON_3_7, PYTHON_3_8, PYTHON_3_9, PYTHON_3_10 and PYTHON_3_11. The old PYTHON_3 value is still valid and refers to default Python which is Python 3.8 on Windows and Linux.




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