GeeXLab 0.45 Released for Windows and Linux (Updated: v0.45.1)

GeeXLab: scriptable proto-engine for Windows and Linux



1 – Release Notes

This new version GeeXLab is available for Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and Linux 64-bit. I updated my Linux devbox with latest Mint 20.2 and then GeeXLab is now linked with GLIBC 2.31. This version of GLIBC has been introduced first in Ubuntu 20.04. If GLIBC 2.23 is required, you have to stick with GeeXLab 0.44.

Several plugins and libraries have been updated with latest versions of their respective SDKs: cgltf, ASSIMP, Python 3, curl, SQLite, Bullet Physics and ImageMagick. A bug has been fixed in the SHA-1 computation, and on Windows, GeeXLab is now compiled with VS2022. A bug related to Dear ImGui and mapped memory has been fixed in the Vulkan renderer.


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version 0.45.1 - 2022.01.06
! (2022.01.06) updated Assimp plugin with Assimp 5.1.5 (bugfix release).
! (2022.01.06) updated with Dear ImGui 1.87 WIP.
! (2022.01.06) updated Bullet Physics plugin with latest Bullet 3.21.
! (2022.01.06) updated SQLite engine with latest version 3.37.1.

Version 0.45.0 - 2021.12.01
! (2021.12.01) updated ImageMagick plugin with latest ImageMagick 7.1.0-16.
! (2021.12.01) updated Bullet Physics plugin with latest Bullet 3.17.
! (2021.11.29) updated SQLite engine with latest version 3.37.0.
! (2021.11.19) improved the SHA-1 generator (gh_utils.file_sha1(), 
  gh_utils.buffer_sha1() and gh_utils.sha1() functions). With some files
  the SHA-1 hash code was wrong.
! (2021.11.14) [Windows] compiled with VS2022.
! (2021.11.14) updated Assimp plugin with Assimp 5.1.0 final release.
! (2021.11.14) updated curl support with latest version of curl 7.80.0.
* (2021.11.09) Vulkan renderer / ImGui: fixed mapped memory validation 
  error when buffer sizes are not a multiple of VkPhysicalDeviceLimits::nonCoherentAtomSize.
! (2021.11.09) updated GPU monitoring plugin with latest NVAPI 495 and added detection of 
  Intel UHD Graphics 770 (Alder Lake).
+ (2021.10.13) added show_stack_tool_window() to gh_imgui.
! (2021.10.13) updated Dear ImGui with final version 1.85.
! (2021.10.13) updated Python 3 plugin with latest Python 3.10.
! (2021.10.13) updated built-in glTF loader with cgltf 1.11.
+ (2021.09.20) added "camera_view_projection_vk" param value to gh_gpu_buffer.set_matrix4x4()

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