GeeXLab 0.43 Released for Windows and Linux

GeeXLab: scriptable proto-engine for Windows and Linux



1 – Release Notes

After few months without updates, a new GeeXLab is available for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit (GLIBC 2.23). GeeXLab 0.43 updates several libraries to their latest version (, python3Dear ImGui 1.84, ImPlot 0.12, SQLite 3.36.0, Assimp, PhysX 4.1.2, OpenVR 1.16.8, Box2D 2.4.1). The GPU monitoring plugin supports some recent graphics cards (Radeon RX 6600 XT/RX 6600, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti, RTX A2000).

On Windows, GeeXLab 0.43 comes with two Python plugins: one plugin for Python 3.9.6 and another one for Python 3.8.10. The Python 3.8.10 plugin is now the default Python plugin (GeeXLab tries to load plugin_gxl_python3_x64.dll which is the default dynamic lib for Python 3). If you want to use Python 3.9.6, just rename the plugins files (plugin_gxl_python396_x64.dll in plugin_gxl_python3_x64.dll). The full version of GeeXLab comes with the python3/ folder (Python 3.8.10) that includes many ready-to-use Python packages (in python3/Lib/site-packages/) such as base45, cbor2, curl, opencv, numpy, flashtext, matplotlib, openssl, pandas, pyzbar, scapy, scipy, scrapy, tabula, and more… That explains the size of GeeXLab’s zip file: 336MB. In previous versions of GeeXLab, Python 3.9 was the default plugin. But recent tests (+ some users’ feedbacks) showed me that some packages work better with Python 3.8 than Python 3.9.

Ok that’s cool but can I use GeeXLab with Anaconda3 (Python distribution for data science and machine learning) ? Yes, actually you can use any Python3 distribution as long as you tell GeeXLab where is Python3’s home. Just launch GeeXLab in command line with:

GeeXLab.exe  /python3_home="C:/Users/YOUR_NAME/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python38/"

For Anaconda3 (default installation):

GeeXLab.exe  /python3_home="C:/Users/YOUR_NAME/anaconda3/"

GeeXLab 0.43 comes with a new startup demo:

GeeXLab 0.43

You can find this demo in the startup-demo/ folder.


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version 0.43.2 - 2021.09.01
* (2021.09.01) [Linux] fixed X11/Xlib copy to clipboard management code 
  (used by gh_utils.clipboard_set_text()).
! (2021.08.27) updated libs/python/ lib with 
  imgui_window_begin_close_button_no_collapse() function
  and additional ImGui constants.
* (2021.08.27) [Windows] built-in webcam module: fixed a bug 
  in the reading of the webcam name (gh_utils.webcam_get_name()).

Version 0.43.1 - 2021.08.26
* (2021.08.26) [Windows] fixed a minor bug in the drag and drop management.
! (2021.08.26) removed duplicates of shader log info in the log file.
! (2021.08.25) updated Dear ImGui functions with Dear ImGui 1.84.2.

Version 0.43.0 - 2021.08.23
! (2021.08.23) updated GeeXLab startup demo.
+ (2021.08.23) added get_lua_version() and get_app_build_date() to gh_utils.
! (2021.08.21) updated Dear ImGui functions with Dear ImGui 1.84.1.
   Added begin_disabled() and end_disabled() to gh_imgui.
! (2021.08.20) [Windows] Python 3.8.10 is now the default Python 3 plugin.
  The python3/ folder contains all necessary Python 3.8.10 files.
  The Python 3.9.6 plugin (plugin_gxl_python396_x64.dll) is still shipped 
  (you have to rename it in plugin_gxl_python3_x64.dll before use).
* (2021.08.19) [Windows] fixed gh_utils.webcam_start_v2() in Python.
! (2021.08.17) updated GPU monitoring plugin support of Radeon Pro W6800 and Pro W6600.
! (2021.08.11) [Windows] updated FFmpeg plugin with latest SDL 2.0.16.
* (2021.08.10) fixed a minor bug in gh_utils.qr_code_scan() and improved the 
  QR code scanner demo (gl21-demopack/d55-qr-code/app_reader/).
+ (2021.08.09) added table_set_column_enabled() to gh_imgui (lua / python).
! (2021.08.09) updated Dear ImGui functions with Dear ImGui 1.84 WIP.
! (2021.08.09) updated with ImPlot with ImPlot 0.12 WIP.
! (2021.08.09) [Windows] updated Assimp plugin with latest Assimp commit.
! (2021.08.09) [Windows] updated Physx 4 plugin with latest PhysX 4.1.2 SDK.
  On Windows platform, all PhysX DLLs are now in the plugins directory.
! (2021.08.09) updated Box2D plugin with Box2D 2.4.1.
! (2021.08.09) updated SQlite with latest version 3.36.0.
! (2021.08.09) [Windows] updated OpenVR plugin with OpenVR 1.16.8 SDK.
! (2021.08.09) [Windows] updated Python 3 plugin with Python 3.9.6.
! (2021.08.09) compiled Vulkan plugin with latest Vulkan headers 1.2.187.
! (2021.08.09) [Windows] updated Spout plugin with latest github commit. 
! (2021.08.09) updated GPU monitoring plugin with latest NVAPI 470 and added support of 
  GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti, RTX A2000, CMP 70HX, CMP 90HX, 
  Radeon RX 6600 XT, RX 6600, RX 6700M, RX 6800M.

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