(Demo) ImPlot: Plotting Widget for Dear ImGui

GeeXLab - ImPlot demo


ImPlot is a new plotting library for Dear ImGui:

ImPlot is an immediate mode plotting widget for Dear ImGui. It aims to provide a first-class API that will make ImGui users feel right at home. ImPlot is well suited for visualizing program data in real-time and requires minimal code to integrate. Just like ImGui, it does not burden the end user with GUI state management, avoids STL containers and C++ headers, and has no external dependencies except for ImGui itself.

More information is available here: ImPlot @ github.

ImPlot is the second library for plotting data with GeeXLab / ImGui, the first being ImGui Plot.

As I did for ImGui Plot, I added a new set of functions in gh_imgui to deal with ImPlot:
– gh_imgui.implot_create_dataplot()
– gh_imgui.implot_kill_dataplot()
– gh_imgui.implot_show_demo_window()
– gh_imgui.implot_begin_plot()
– gh_imgui.implot_end_plot()
– gh_imgui.implot_add_data()
– gh_imgui.implot_draw_plotline()
– gh_imgui.implot_draw_plotscatter()
– …

All gh_imgui.implot_xxxx() functions are available in Lua and Python. I didn’t add to GeeXLab scripting API all functions of the original C++ ImPlot library but the most important are there.

A demo that shows how to use ImPlot with GeeXLab is available in the OpenGL 2.1 demopack:

This demo requires GeeXLab 0.34+.

GeeXLab - ImPlot demo

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