GeeXLab 0.33.1 released for Raspberry Pi 4

GeeXLab: 3D programming and prototyping for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi



1 – Release Notes

GeeXLab 0.33.1 is a maintenance version for Raspberry Pi platforms, especially for the Raspberry Pi 4. I thought GeeXLab 0.33.0 for RPi worked with RGB LED matrix panels but it was not the case. After some tests, I found the cause: the wiringPi lib. GeeXLab was dynamically linked to the lib that is shipped with RaspiOS. It looks like this version of wiringPi does not work properly with the RGB LED Matrix library used by GeeXLab. I rebuilt the latest version 2.60 of wiringPi from the sources (available here) and forced GeeXLab to use this library instead of the RaspiOS one. And now, RGB LED matrix panels work fine with GeeXLab.

GeeXLab - Raspberry Pi 4 and RGB LED Matrix panels


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version 0.33.1 - 2020.06.12
! (2020.06.12) [Raspberry Pi] all RGB LED Matrix demos have been updated and tested.
  They are now in {GeeXLab RPi folder}/demopack02/rpi_rg_matrix/ and each demo has its 
  own folder.
* (2020.06.12) [Raspberry Pi] bugfix: now GeeXLab is linked with its own version of 
  wiringPi lib and not with the version shipped with RaspiOS.
+ (2020.06.12) [Raspberry Pi] updated the wiringPi library with version 2.60. This version works
  fine with Raspberry Pi 4.

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