GeeXLab 0.30.0 released for Windows 64-bit (Updated: v0.30.1)

GeeXLab: 3D programming and prototyping for Windows, Linux, macOS, RaspberryPi



1 – Release Notes

I finally decided to bump up the minor number version of GeeXLab because I added many new functions in ImGui and increasing only the patch number would have not reflected all changes. I will try to regularly increase the minor number as soon as new functions are added (for the sake of memory here is the versioning schema of GeeXLab:

That said, the main new feature of GeeXLab 0.30.0 is the support of a new lib for drawing plotlines in ImGui. More than twenty new functions have been added to the gh_imgui lib in Lua and Python to deal with plotlines. Here is a what you can get using these new functions:

GeeXLab - Plot lines with ImGui in Lua and Python

The demo will be published in the next article.

GeeXLab 0.30.0 fixes also some minor bugs and missing functions.

Few days after the release of GeeXLab 0.29.17, I updated the cool imGuIZMO.quat to version 2.1 (2.2?) but this version was a bit broken because the 3D gizmo wasn’t rendered when the mouse was over. But perfect timing, the version 3.0 has been released today and the bug is fixed. imGuIZMO.quat has been added the first time in GeeXLab 0.27.6.

I’m working on a new graphics benchmark tool and that’s why currently, I don’t have time to update (read: compiling + fixing compilation bugs + packaging) the Linux / RPi and macOS versions too. But don’t be afraid, they will receive these changes as soon as possible. What’s more many new features will be added in GeeXLab during the next weeks (mesh shaders, raytracing in Vulkan…). I can’t wait to work on these cool graphics features!


Update (2020.04.15)
GeeXLab 0.30.1 is available with the latest Dear ImGui 1.76 and improves a function used to check the version of an application or demo (PRO version only).


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version 0.30.1 - 2020.04.14
! (2020.04.14) updated ImGui with latest version 1.76.
! (2020.04.10) [PRO version] updated gh_utils.check_for_new_version() 
  to handle down servers.

Version 0.30.0 - 2020.04.09
! (2020.04.09) updated imGuIZMO.quat with latest version 3.0.
  This lib is accessible via gh_imgui.gizmoquat3d_xx() functions.
+ (2020.04.08) added set of functions (plot2_xxxxx()) to draw 
  plot lines to gh_imgui lib (lua ans python). This is another 
  lib to draw plotlines.
+ (2020.04.08) [Windows] added covid-19 python library in the Python 3 distribution 
  that comes with GeeXLab ({GeeXLab}/python3/Lib/site-packages/).
+ (2020.04.08) [Python plugin] added rebuild_all_fonts() to gh_imgui (missing function).
+ (2020.04.08) [Python plugin] added set of functions (plot_xxxxx()) to draw 
  plot lines to gh_imgui lib.
! (2020.03.31) compiled the Vulkan plugin with headers v1.2.136.
! (2020.03.31) [Windows] updated OpenVR plugin with latest OpenVR SDK 1.10.30.
+ (2020.03.30) added set_item_spacing() and get_item_spacing() 
  to gh_imgui lib.
+ (2020.03.27) added set of functions (plot_xxxxx()) to draw 
  plot lines to gh_imgui lib (lua ans python).

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