(Demo) ImGui Plotlines

GeeXLab - Plotlines demo


GeeXLab 0.30.0 comes with two new widgets to draw plotlines in ImGui windows. ImGui has already some built-in functions to draw plotlines (gh_imgui.plotline_xxxx()) but these new widgets offer more features.

The first widget is defined by the set of gh_imgui.plot_xxxx() functions:
– …

All these functions are documented in the gh_imgui lib HERE or HERE.

The functions of this first widget are based on a lib I found in ImGui support but I lost the link. I will update this as soon as I find it again.

The first demo is available in the OpenGL 2 demopack in the following folder:

GeeXLab - ImgUI - Plotlines

The second demo is based on the a second widget defined by the set of gh_imgui.plot2_xxxx() functions. This widget, based on this code (this time I didn’t lose the link!) is not documented but the code sample available in the demopack should be enough (the forum is also useful when functions are not documented).

The second demo is available here:

GeeXLab - ImgUI - Plotlines

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