GeeXLab released for Windows 32/64-bit (updated: v0.29.8.2)

GeeXLab 3D prototyping for Win64, Linux64, macOS, RaspberryPi and TinkerBoard


1 – Release Notes

Update: – 2019/12/07
GeeXLab is another Vulkan bugfix release that fixes an issue with command buffers submission (see THIS THREAD). Now it should be ok.

GeeXLab is a maintenance release that fixes two bugs in the Vulkan plugin. The first bug is related to the synchronization of the presentation step (a semaphore has been added). The second bug (crash in some cases) is only visible in 32-bit applications (in GPU Caps Viewer for example. GPU Caps Viewer is a 32-bit app and uses the GeeXLab SDK) and comes from a bad cast in the 32-bit version of the Vulkan plugin (a VkShaderModule was cast into a 32-bit void* pointer).

I compiled for testing purposes version of GeeXLab for Windows 32-bit. This version comes with all core functionalities but many plugins are missing (because I have to recompile in 32-bit all dependencies like Assimp, ImageMagick, PhysX, etc…). But some plugins like Vulkan, GPU monitoring or Python 3 are available because I can directly compile them.


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2019.12.07
* (2019.12.07) [Vulkan plugin] fixed a synchronization bug with command buffers submission (fences + semaphores).

Version - 2019.12.05
* (2019.12.05) [Vulkan plugin] added a semaphore to fix a synchronization crash during presentation.
* (2019.12.05) [Vulkan plugin] fixed a bug in the 32-bit version of Vulkan plugin where shader modules values were not correctly cast (the bug was not visible in the 64-bit version of GeeXLab).

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