Shadertoy Demopack v2019.10-04

Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

A new version of the Shadertoy demopack is available. So many months without updating the pack is intolerable!

Unzip the pack where you want, and drag and drop any demo into GeeXLab.

If you want to benchmark and log scores, you can do it via command line:

GeeXLab /width=1920 /height=1080 /fullscreen /demofile="path_to_the_demo.xml" /demofile_abs_path=1 /no_menubar /benchmark_duration_ms=10000 /benchmark_log_score

Here are some new demos:

Single pass demos

shadertoy link
Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

shadertoy link
LIVE Shader Deconstruction :: happy jumping
Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

shadertoy link
Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

shadertoy link
Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab


Multipass demos

shadertoy link
Shadertoy demopack for GeeXLab

The original shadertoy link can be found in the header of every shader file (.glsl). If a link is wrong, let me know.



Version 2019.10-04
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-multipass\gl32-then-and-before-pc4k-altair\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\smart-denoise-filter\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\synesthesia\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\sphere-gears\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\neon-love\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\robotic-arm-hunting-lights\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\glowing-particles\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\protean-clouds\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\raymarching-in-raymarching\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\planet-fall\
+ added gl-32-shadertoy-02\exploding-cubes\
. first version of the changelog

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