GeeXLab 0.29.1 released for Linux x64

GeeXLab 0.29.1 on Linux x64

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- SHA1      => b5df319970151f200c9b7ed98471195df6a579de
- SHA256    => 653df24b74100758b2cdcec75658be0137d106e7f0268824a163c39de8ca6ddc


1 – Release Notes

GeeXLab for Linux 64-bit is available with the following changes:

– an improved FFmpeg plugin with better video / audio synchronization. The frame seeking has been added so we can now step forward and backwards. FFmpeg is a powerful piece of code but its use can be very hard especially with audio/video sync and frame seeking. The audio playback is done by SDL2. This brand new FFmpeg plugin will the be core of an upcoming tiny video player made with GeeXLab.

– the PhysX 4 plugin has been updated with PhysX 4.1.1 SDK. The CPU PhysX should run faster on recent multicore CPUs because the detection of the number of available threads is now correctly done (only 4 threads were used in previous versions of the PhysX plugin).


– the Vulkan plugin has been updated with support of mipmapping, frame buffer reading for screenshots and few bugs have been fixed (buffer overflow, swapchain resize). To be honest, I didn’t tested the Vulkan plugin on Linux because I didn’t installed real NVIDIA drivers. I let the MESA 19.0.2 driver with GL 4.3 support only (NVF0 renderer). But the Vulkan plugin has been successfully tested on Windows. Let me know if you encounter problems with this plugin.

– new demos / code-samples are shipped with GeeXLab. These demos are available in:
{GeeXLab folder}/demopack01-gl21/ and {GeeXLab folder}/demopack02-gl32/.

Vertex pool / particles demo:
{GeeXLab folder}/demopack01-gl21/d09-vertexpool/

GeeXLab 0.29.1 on Linux x64 - vertexpool / particles demo

Shadertoy demo:
{GeeXLab folder}/demopack03/shadertoy/

GeeXLab 0.29.1 on Linux x64 - Shadertoy demo

Vertex pool / particles demo:
{GeeXLab folder}/demopack02-gl32/d01-geometry-shader-mesh-exploder/

GeeXLab 0.29.1 on Linux x64 - Geometry shader demo

GeeXLab for Linux x64 has been compiled on Linux Mint 19.2 64-bit (MATE edition) with gcc/g++ 7.4.0 (GeeXLab app and all core libraries and plugins).

This version of GeeXLab is linked with GLIBC 2.27. If you have an older version of Linux, I added a folder in {GeeXLab folder}/dylibs/GLIBC-2.27/ with GLIBC 2.27 .so files. I don’t know if this will work but you can still try.


2 – Changelog

This changelog is intended for all versions of GeeXLab.

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2019.09.19
* (2019.09.19) [Vulkan plugin] fixed an issue with swapchain resize.
* (2019.09.19) [Vulkan plugin] fixed a buffer overflow (vkCmdCopyBuffer-size) in vertex/index buffer creation.
+ (2019.09.19) [Raspberry Pi] added SDL2/audio support in the FFmpeg plugin. OMX/IL is disabled. 
+ (2019.09.11) added screenshot support to the Vulkan renderer (via do_screenshot(), do_screenshot_v{2, 3, 4, 5}() of gh_utils).
! (2019.09.11) fixed / improved gh_imgui.input_text() function.
! (2019.09.11) improved the calculation of text width in gh_font.get_text_width().
* (2019.09.11) fixed bug in do_screenshot_v4() and do_screenshot_v5() of gh_utils in Lua.
+ (2019.09.09) added support of seeking in the FFmpeg plugin.
+ (2019.09.09) FFmpeg plugin + audio is now available on TinkerOS (Tinker Board).
! (2019.09.07) the FFmpeg plugin has been updated with latest version 4.20 of FFmpeg SDK and latest SDL2 2.0.10 SDK (for audio).
! (2019.09.06) [RPi + X11 + GL2.1] Python 3 plugin is compiled with Python 3.7.3 libs.
* (2019.09.06) bugfix: Python 2 and Python 3 plugins: the Python plugin was stopped when Py_GetPythonHome() returned a NULL value. It's no longer the case (this bug was visible on the latest Raspbian / Buster).
! (2019.09.05) [Linux] PhysX 4 plugin: the CPU scene dispatcher is now initialized with the correct number of CPU threads (for example 16 with a RyZen 7 1700 CPU).
+ (2019.09.05) added several key codes in the keyboard mapping on Linux (and RPi + X11): KC_TAB, KC_ESCAPE, KC_RETURN, KC_DELETE, KC_INSERT, KC_HOME, KC_PGUP, KC_PGDOWN, KC_LSHIFT, KC_RSHIFT, KC_LCONTROL, KC_RCONTROL, KC_NUMLOCK, KC_LMENU and KC_LMENU.
* (2019.09.05) bugfix: fixed a minor initialization bug in gh_bullet3, gh_physx3 and gh_physx4. Now get_version() works even if start() function is not called before.
! (2019.09.05) [Windows / Linux] updated ImageMagick plugin with latest version 7.0.8-63.
- (2019.09.05) ftgl plugin removed from linux version (compilation errors...).
! (2019.09.04) improved slider_1i(), slider_1f(), slider_4f(), vslider_1f(), vslider_1i(), color_edit_4f() and color_picker_4f() of gh_imgui lib.
* (2019.09.04) bugfix: fixed a crash in gh_sqlite3.db_exec() when an error is detected by SQLite3.
+ (2019.09.04) added pack_rgba_u8() and unpack_rgba_u8() to gh_utils.
+ (2019.09.02) added tree_node_ex() and tab_item_begin_v2() to gh_imgui.
* (2019.08.26) fixed the title bar update in the PRO version.

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