GeeXLab 0.28.4 released for Windows 64-bit

GeeXLab 0.28.4 on Windows 64-bit


1 – Release Notes

Ooops, looks like I forgot to publish some versions of GeeXLab (0.28.2 and 0.28.3). It’s fixed today with the release of GeeXLab for Windows 64-bit only. This new update is a maintenance release version even if new functions in the scripting API have been added. The GeeXLab engine is used in MSI Kombustor 4 and recent changes / bug-fixes / new functions are related to Kombustor (some screenshots are available HERE) as well as other projects currently in development: GPU utilities, indie games… More information on those projects as soon as possible. A new online documentation for the scripting API will be published shortly.

As soon as I receive my new Raspberry Pi 4, I update GeeXLab for other platforms.


2 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2019.07.03
+ [2019.07.03] [GPU monitoring plugin / windows] added support of 
  GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER and RTX 2070 SUPER.
+ [2019.07.03] added pointer support in shared variable functions of gh_utils
  ex: shared_variable_set_value_ptr(), shared_variable_get_value_ptr(), etc).
! (2019.07.03) [Python plugin] added gh_imgui.get_font_size().
! (2019.07.02) [ImageMagick plugin / win64] updated with latest SDK 7.0.8-51.
! (2019.07.02) [OpenVR plugin / win64] updated with latest SDK 1.4.18.
! (2019.07.02) [GPU monitoring plugin / win64] updated with latest NVAPI R430.
! (2019.07.01) [Python plugin] gh_imgui.add_dummy() renamed in gh_imgui.dummy().

Version - 2019.06.21
! (2019.06.21) updated scripting API guide (gh_audio, gh_bullet3, 
  gh_camera, gh_flex and gh_font).
! (2019.06.17) updated ImGui with latest version  1.71.
* (2019.06.12) fixed a bug in gh_audio.sound_create_from_zip().
+ (2019.06.12) added libfont2 to GeeXLab standard libs (libs/lua/libfont/libfont2.lua).
+ (2019.06.04) added instancing_set_position_update_range(), instancing_set_rotation_update_range(),
  instancing_set_color_update_range(), instancing_set_scale_update_range() and 
  instancing_set_position_rotation() to gh_mesh.
! (2019.06.04) improved geometry instancing update speed.
+ (2019.05.30) added script_plugin_set_param_1i() to gh_utils.

Version - 2019.06.28
* (2019.05.28) fixed a bug in gh_physx4.gpu_is_supported() and gh_physx3.gpu_is_supported().
! (2019.05.23) added a function (libfont_init_font_height) to init the font height in libfont 
  library (lua/libfont/libfont.lua and and python/libfont/
+ (2019.05.22) added a new set of functions (v2) for shared variables that take an identifier (int)
  in place of a string for the name of the variable (gh_utils.shared_variable_xxxxx_v2()). 
! (2019.05.22) improved the loading of glTF files from zip archives (gh_model.create_from_zip_file_loader_gltf()).
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in create_actor_box(), create_actor_box_v2(),
  create_actor_box_v3(), create_actor_mesh(), create_actor_mesh_v2(), create_actor_mesh_v3(),
  create_actor_capsule(), create_actor_capsule_v2(), create_actor_plane(), create_actor_plane_v2(),
  create_actor_sphere(), create_actor_sphere_v2() of gh_physx3 lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in texture_swirl(), texture_spread()
  of gh_imagemagick lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in bind_range()
  of gh_gpu_buffer lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in create_from_buffer()
  of gh_font lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in shapes_set_box(), shapes_set_box_v2()
  and particles_update_active() of gh_flex lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in scene_set_solver_num_iterations()
   of gh_bullet3 lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in sound_create(), sound_create_from_zip(), 
  sound_create_from_buffer(), sound_create_from_sqlite3_blob_v1() of gh_audio lib.
* (2019.05.21) [Python] fixed crash in set_gpu_led_color() and set_mb_led_color() of 
  gh_asus_aura lib.
+ (2019.05.20) added create_from_zip_file_loader_gltf() to gh_model.
! (2019.05.20) improved zip support for shaders declared in the XML file.

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