GeeXLab 0.28.1 Released for Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board

GeeXLab 0.28.1 on ASUS Tinker Board


1 – Release Notes

Yeah! GeeXLab is finally available on all supported platforms: Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board. The last time I updated GeeXLab on SBCs (SBC = Single Board Computer like the Raspberry Pi or the Tinker Board) was nearly one year ago, so it was time.

GeeXLab 0.28.1 has been developed on Windows 10 64-bit v1809, Linux Mint 19.1 64-bit MATE edition, macOS 10.14 Mojave, the latest Raspbian (2019-04-08 with kernel 4.14) and on the latest TinkerOS 2.0.8. Then, it should work properly on these environments.

GeeXLab 0.28.1 does not bring new big features, it’s more a maintenance / update release. ImGui and SQLite3 have been updated to their latest versions (respectively 1.70 and 3.28.0).

ImGui 1.70 adds an handy function to set the size of the next item: gh_imgui.set_next_item_width(). This function replaces gh_imgui.push_item_width() and gh_imgui.pop_item_width().

With previous GeeXLab you could set the size of a slider with the following code:

x = gh_imgui.slider_1f("##x_slider", x,   min_value, max_value,   power)

Now you can do:

x = gh_imgui.slider_1f("##x_slider", x,   min_value, max_value,   power)

push_item_width() and pop_item_width() are still useful if you want to set the size of several items. But for one item, set_next_item_width() is there.

A new core plugin (a core plugin is a plugin that is embedded in GeeXLab like the Lua one) has been added to load glTF file formats. A new function has been added in gh_model lib to load .glTF directly: create_from_file_loader_gltf(). glTF files can now be loaded by the ASSIMP plugin or by this new plugin.

The Python 3 support has been added on Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board. On both platforms, the Python 3 plugin is linked against Python 3.5 libraries. Here is a quick overview of GeeXLab Python 3 support:
– Windows: linked with Python 3.7.3
– Linux: linked with Python 3.6 (shipped with Linux Mint 19.1)
– macOS: linked with Python 3.7.3
– Raspberry Pi: linked with Python 3.5
– Tinker Board: linked with Python 3.5

Python programming language

The Bullet3 physics engine has been updated on ALL platforms to its very latest version (2.88 / 2019.05.14). Bullet3 is now identical on all versions of GeeXLab.

Simple Bullet3 demo on Raspberry Pi (the demo is available in the Learn Pack):
GeeXLab 0.28.1 on Raspberry Pi - Bullet3 demo


2 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2019.05.14
. (2019.05.14) recompilation for all platforms, minor bugs fixed.
! (2019.05.14) updated Bullet3 plugin with latest version 2.88 
  on macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board.
+ (2019.05.14) added Python 3 support on Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board.
+ (2019.05.13) added create_box_8v() to gh_mesh.
+ (2019.05.12) added create_from_file_loader_gltf() to gh_model.
! (2019.05.09) added automatic call to ImGui terminate function 
  at the end of a demo. Useful if you forget to explicitly call it
  in the TERMINATE script...
+ (2019.05.08) added set_next_item_width() to gh_imgui lib.
! (2019.05.08) updated ImGui with latest version 1.70.
! (2019.05.08) updated SQLite3 with latest version 3.28.0.

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