GeeXLab released for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit (PhysX 4.0, Bullet 2.88)

GeeXLab 0.27+ on Linux Mint 19.1


1 – Release Highlights

This new version of GeeXLab is available for Windows 64-bit and this time, for Linux 64-bit as well. Raspberry Pi, Tinker Board and macOS versions will updated as soon as possible.


1.1 – PhysX 4.0 plugin

GeeXLab brings the support of PhysX 4.0. In a word, this new version of PhysX has more or less the same features than PhysX 3 except for fluids/particles and clothes that have been removed. So PhysX 4.0 is now en engine focused on mechanics (rigid bodies, collisions, joints, vehicles). That’s why the PhysX 3 plugin is still available in GeeXLab because it has fluids and clothes simulation.

PhysX 4.0 is available in GeeXLab via a new library in Lua and Python: gh_physx4. This library has the same functions than gh_physx3, so porting a PhysX 3 demo to PhysX 4 is easy.

NVIDIA PhysX logo


1.2 – Bullet 2.88 plugin

Bullet3 v2.88 is the latest iteration of the Bullet Physics engine and has been released few days ago. I updated the Bullet3 plugin (Bullet3 support has been added in GeeXLab 0.25) with Bullet3 2.88 and all GeeXLab demos work perfectly, on Windows and Linux.

The Bullet3 functions are available via the gh_bullet3 library in Lua and Python.

Bullet Physics engine logo


1.3 – CUDA plugin

For the needs of an upcoming GPU utility, I added a basic CUDA plugin to GeeXlab. This plugin enumerates all CUDA devices and allows to get information about a particular CUDA device like the number of multiprocessors (SMs) or the compute capability version.

This new CUDA plugin is accessible via the gh_cuda library in Lua and Python.


GeeXLab comes also with improvements and bugfixes (especially on the Linux version which gets better and better!). For more details, please read the changelog.


2 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2019.01.06
+ (2019.01.06) added set_blending_equation() and set_blending_color()
  to gh_renderer (lua, python).
* (2019.01.06) fixed a bug in gh_imgui.combo_box_create(): label was not assigned.
! (2019.01.06) updated Python 3 plugin in order to automatically import 
  all GeeXLab modules in scripts loaded via the main XML file.
! (2019.01.06) [Linux] updated title bar when GeeXLab is iconized. The demo title
  is displayed first.
! (2019.01.05) [Windows] updated Python 3 plugin with latest Python 3.7.2.
! (2019.01.04) [Windows / Linux] updated Bullet3 plugin with latest version 2.88.
* (2019.01.03) fixed a bug in gh_utils.extract_dir_from_filename() on Linux.
* (2019.01.03) fixed a bug in the window event loop on Linux.
! (2019.01.02) fixed a bug in the CUDA plugin (CUDA functions were disabled 
  after a scene reload). 
! (2018.12.31) [Linux] ImageMagick plugin updated with SDK version 
! (2018.12.31) [Windows] ImageMagick plugin updated with SDK version 
  The branch of ImageMagick crashes on Windows (an issue with aligned memory).
+ (2018.12.30) added new functions in the gh_renderer lib to list features and limits
  of a Vulkan device.
+ (2018.12.30) added a new plugin (plugin_gxc_cuda_x64) to get information about CUDA 
  support on Windows and Linux. A new lib (gh_cuda) has been added in Lua and Python.
* (2018.12.29) fixed a bug in the kx framework (Lua): the GPU programs
  creation failed on Intel GPUs.
+ (2018.12.28) added new PhysX4 plugin on Linux based on PhysX SDK 4.0. 
+ (2018.12.28) [Linux] added Python 3 plugin (linked with -lpython3.6m).
! (2018.12.28) [Linux] the Python 2 plugin is now linked with standard Python 2 
  shared object (-lpython2.7). 
! (2018.12.28) [Linux] many bugfixes and improvements (dynamic lib loading, no-pie 
  compilation, ... ). This version of GeeXLab has been compiled on Linut Mint 19.1 64-bit.
! (2018.12.28) [Windows / Linux] FFmpeg plugin updated with latest FFmpeg 4.1. 
! (2018.12.28) [Windows] ImageMagick plugin updated with SDK version 
! (2018.12.27) [Linux] ImageMagick plugin updated with SDK version 
+ (2018.12.22) added new PhysX4 plugin on Windows based on PhysX SDK 4.0. 
  A new lib is available in Lua and Python: gh_physx4.
+ added helper libs in Python: libs/python/, libs/python/
  libs/python/ and libs/python/libfont/
+ (2018.12.22) added draw_primitives_instancing() to gh_renderer lib (lua, python).
+ (2018.12.22) added set_vertex_attrib_instancing_divisor() to gh_vb lib (lua, python).

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