Lot of ImGui Windows – OpenGL vs Vulkan

GeeXLab - lot of ImGui Windows - OpenGL
Lot of windows – OpenGL version

Here is a small demo / benchmark that renders lot of ImGui windows. Each window has a size of 100×100 and contains few lines of dynamic text.

The demo is available in OpenGL (main-opengl.xml) and in Vulkan (main-vulkan.xml). There is, more or less, one draw call per window. Then it’s a nice test to see the performance of OpenGL versus Vulkan.

OpenGL logo
Vulkan logo

This demo should run with any recent version of GeeXLab but as always, the very last version of GeeXLab is the best choice. Just start GeeXLab and drag-and-drop the demo into GeeXLab (this page of the Rootard Guide can help: How to launch a demo).

I only tested on Windows. The OpenGL and Vulkan demos should run on Linux too. On Raspberry Pi, Tinker Board and macOS, only the OpenGL version is relevant.

Here are the results for my GeForce GTX 1080 (with GeForce 398.11 driver), at a resolution of 2560×1440:
– number of windows: 367

– Framerate:

  • OpenGL => 278 FPS
  • Vulkan => 402 FPS

GeeXLab - lot of ImGui Windows - Vulkan
Lot of windows – Vulkan version

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