GeeXLab 0.25.3 released for all platforms – Drag and Drop added on Linux / X11 platforms

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1 – Release Highlights

Here is a new update of the 0.25.x branch of GeeXLab. GeeXLab is available all platforms (Windows 32 and 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board) and brings several bugfixes and improvements.

But the killer feature of GeeXLab 0.25.3 is the support of drag and drop on all Linux / X11 platforms: regular Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.), Raspbian + OpenGL 2.1 and Tinker OS + OpenGL ES 2.1/3.1. I finally took the time to add this so handy support. Now on Linux platforms, just launch GeeXLab and drag and drop from the file manager any GeeXLab demos into GeeXLab main window. GeexLab is now as easy to use on Linux / Raspbian / TinkerOS as on Windows. Yeah!!!



This new version of GeeXLab fixes a minor bug in the MSAA: when antialiasing is specified in the XML window node (with msaa=”4X MSAA” for example), you can now enable and disable it in Lua and Python with

-- Enable AA

-- Disable AA



The gh_imgui.is_window_hovered() function returned 1 if any window has been hovered which is wrong.
Now gh_imgui.is_window_hovered() returns 1 if the current window is hovered by the mouse. You can use the new gh_imgui.is_any_window_hovered() function to check the hovered status for any window.

A new function has been added to show the built-in metrics window:



The SQLite3 engine has been updated to latest version 3.24.0 and a new function to get the engine version has been added: gh_sqlite3.db_get_version().



A bug has been fixed in the image loading (with gh_imagemagick.texture_create_from_file() for example): the image orientation (specified in the EXIF data) is now properly handled.


2 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2018.06.17
+ added drag and drop support for Linux, Raspberry Pi (GL 2.1 version) and
  Tinker Board (GL ES version).
+ added is_any_window_hovered() to gh_imgui.
* fixed gh_imgui.is_window_hovered().
! updated gh_imgui.frame_begin() and gh_imgui.frame_begin_v2():
  now mouse button state params can be boolean or integer.
* fixed bug in the multisampling (MSAA) management. Now you can 
  enable/disable msaa with gh_renderer.enable_state("GL_MULTISAMPLE")
  or gh_renderer.disable_state("GL_MULTISAMPLE").
+ added db_get_version() to gh_sqlite3 lib (lua, python).
! updated SQlite3 engine to version 3.24.0.

Version - 2018.06.10
! updated ImageMagick plugin with auto-orientation of image at loading. 
* fixed a minor bug in PhysX cloth creation (actor.sceneid was not 
  initialized with scene id).
! [WINDOWS] updated the buffer size for the drag and drop operations.
+ added show_metrics_window() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).

Version - 2018.06.07
+ added actor_update_mass(), update_material(), kill_material() 
  and actor_set_material() to gh_physx3 lib.
+ added actor_update_mass(), material_update() and actor_set_material()
  to gh_bullet3 lib.
! re-enabled the test to know if a version of GeeXLab can run a demo
  (required_version_major, required_version_minor, required_version_patch
  and required_version_build attributes in the XML root node).
* fixed a stupid crash in gh_imagemagick.file_exif_get_property().

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