GeeXLab 0.24.0 Released for Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board

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UPDATE (2018.05.11)

GeeXLab is available for Windows and Linux and fixes several bugs related to the Vulkan plugin. One of those bugs (introduced in v0.24.0) was rather annoying: the Vulkan plugin was not loaded for a Vulkan demo…

A new version of GeeXLab is ready for all platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) and Tinker Board (Tinker OS).


1 – Overview

GeeXLab comes with the following new features and changes:

  • Monitoring Mode: I call Monitoring Mode a mode where GeeXLab eats CPU or GPU cycles only when it’s necessary: the windows size has changed, you have clicked on a widget, this kind of events. When there is no event, the 3D view is not rendered. This mode is perfect for monitoring tools and is used in the new version of GL-Z. The monitoring mode was already in GeeXLab but on Windows only. Now it’s available on all platforms.
  • High DPI support has been improved, but in a minimal way: GeeXLab is no longer scaled by Windows and then keeps its original size.
  • ImGui has been updated to latest version 1.61 WIP and now mouse wheel is handled on all platforms! You have to use the new gh_imgui.frame_begin_v2() to handle the mouse wheel. I also added around 20 new functions to deal with ImGui API.
  • The Vulkan plugin has been updated and new functions to get information about Vulkan have been added to gh_renderer lib.
  • LuaJIT support has been added to Raspberry Pi (OpenGL 2 and OpenGL ES 2 versions) and to ASUS Tinker Board.
  • Some new functions have been added for getting GLX information on Linux systems.

In the changelog you will find information about GeeXLab 0.23.0. It has been released to few users for testing but I didn’t find the time to officially publish it. It doesn’t matter since the v0.24.0 is there!


2 – Downloads

The latest version of GeeXLab as well as code sample packs can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

For bug-reports or feedbacks, a thread on Geeks3D forums is available HERE.


3 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version - 2018.05.03
! improved monitoring mode, a mode where GeeXLab does not eat CPU and GPU cycles
  if not necessary. Monitoring mode is available on all platforms.
+ [WINDOWS] GeeXLab keeps its size on high DPI systems (no longer blurry effect).
+ [WINDOWS/LINUX] added gl_forward_compatible element in the XML window node.
! updated gh_imgui lib with latest version 1.61 WIP.
+ added mouse wheel support in ImGui functions (gh_imgui.frame_begin_v2()). 
+ added frame_begin_v2(), set_next_window_content_size(), collapsing_header(),
  text_unformatted_v1(), text_unformatted_v2(), column_get_width(), column_set_width(),
  column_get_offset(), column_set_offset(), get_font_size(), calc_text_size(), 
  begin_child(), end_child(), popup_open(), popup_begin(), popup_begin_context_item(), 
  popup_end(), selectable() and button_arrow() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ added get_gpu_config() to gh_gml lib (lua, python).
+ added plotline_draw_v2() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ added vk_instance_get_num_layers(), vk_instance_get_layer_name(), 
  vk_gpu_get_num_layers(), vk_gpu_get_layer_name(), 
  vk_gpu_get_num_memory_heaps(), vk_gpu_get_heap_size() and vk_gpu_get_device_type()
  to gh_renderer (lua, python).
* Vulkan plugin: fixed a crash on Radeon GPUs by disabling the call to
  vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties2() with Adrenalin 18.3.4. 
* Vulkan plugin: fixed a bug in the enumeration of device extensions.
+ [RPI / TINKER BOARD] added LuaJIT support. 
+ [LINUX] added glx_get_server_num_extensions(), glx_get_server_extension(), 
  glx_get_client_num_extensions(), glx_get_client_extension(), glx_get_renderer_info_int(),
  glx_get_renderer_info_str() to gh_renderer (lua, python).

Version - 2018.04.22
+ added shader_thread_group_get_properties_nv() to gh_renderer (lua, python).
+ added conservative_rasterization_get_properties_nv() and 
  conservative_rasterization_set_sub_pixel_precision_bias_nv() to gh_renderer (lua, python).
+ added support of GL_INTEL_conservative_rasterization and GL_NV_conservative_raster.
+ Vulkan: added vk_shader_core_properties_amd_get_value() to gh_renderer lib (lua, python).
+ added get_view_matrix_4x4() and get_projection_matrix_4x4() to gh_camera lib (lua, python).
+ added set_transform() and get_transform() to gh_object lib (lua, python).
* fixed gh_physx3.create_actor_mesh_v2(). Convex meshes can now be used in rigid body collisions.
! updated internal functions to set object transformation. Now position and orientation
  are updated when an object is updated with a transformation matrix.
! updated Vulkan plugin with latest Vulkan 1.1.74 headers.

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