GeeXLab Released for Windows – SQLite3 Support and ImGui Menus Added

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A new version of GeeXLab is available for Windows 64-bit platform. GeeXLab 0.22.x brings the support of SQLite3 and ImGui menus. As often, other platforms will be updated later. The Windows 64-bit platform gets all new features first. It’s a kind of experimental platform!


1 – Release Highlights

1.1 – SQLite3

SQLite3 is a SQL database engine. SQLite3 is simple to use and all data is contained in a single file on the disk. SQLite3 support is available via a new plugin: plugin_gxc_sqlite3_x64.dll. SQLite3 database engine is embedded in this plugin. A new library for Lua and Python is available: gh_sqlite3.

A sample that shows how to use the gh_sqlite3 library is available HERE as well as in the full code sample pack in the gl-32/sqlite3/ folder.

SQLite3 logo


1.2 – ImGui Menus

The support of menus has been added to the gh_imgui library (in Lua and Python). The menus can be scripted with the following new functions:

- gh_imgui.menu_begin_main_bar
- gh_imgui.menu_end_main_bar
- gh_imgui.menu_begin_bar
- gh_imgui.menu_end_bar
- gh_imgui.menu_begin
- gh_imgui.menu_end
- gh_imgui.menu_item

A code sample that shows how to use menu functions of the gh_imgui library is available HERE as well as in the full code sample pack (gl-32/imgui/demo_menus.xml).

GeeXLab - ImGui menus demo


1.3 – ImGui Gizmo

The gizmo feature is back in this new version of GeeXLab. The ImGui gizmo has been removed in the previous versions because the underlying library didn’t compile properly with the latest ImGui 1.54. Now the gizmo lib has been updated by its author and now gizmo functions work correctly in GeeXLab:

GeeXLab - ImGui gizmo demo

GeeXLab - ImGui gizmo demo

A code sample that shows how to use gizmo functions of the gh_imgui library is available HERE as well as in the full code sample pack (gl-32/imgui/demo_gizmo.xml).


2 – Downloads

The latest version of GeeXLab as well as code sample packs can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

For bug-reports or feedbacks, a thread is available HERE.


3 – Changelog

Full changelog from beginning of time is available HERE.

Version – 2018.03.26
! plugin loading: the log file now contains information about plugins that are present.
Information about missing plugins is no longer in the log file.
! minor internal changes.

Version – 2018.03.25
+ added set_absolute_transform_update_mode() to gh_object (lua, python)

Version – 2018.03.25
+ added new library: gh_sqlite3 (lua, python).
+ added LuaSQL with SQLite3 driver (lua only).
+ added menu_begin_main_bar(), menu_end_main_bar(), menu_begin_bar(), menu_end_bar()
menu_begin(), menu_end() and menu_item() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ added get_uptime() to gh_utils lib (lua, python)
! updated the ImGuizmo library. All gh_imgui.gizmo_xxxxxx() functions
are now back (lua, python).

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