GeeXLab 0.20.1 for Tinker Board with OpenGL ES 3.1 Tessellation Support

ASUS Tinker Board

A new update of GeeXLab has been released for the Tinker Board.

The Tinker Board supports OpenGL ES 3.1 and exposes the GL_EXT_tessellation_shader extension (Tinker OS 2.0.4). That means we can do hardware tessellation with the Tinker Board. But in GeeXLab 0.20.0, the tessellation support was disabled on the Tinker Board because the Raspberry Pi and the Tinker Board share the same OpenGL ES render code. Since the RPi does not support tessellation (OpenGL ES 2.0), it was disabled on Tinker Board as well. I fixed this minor error and now OpenGL tessellation shaders are fully operational on the TB!

You can download GeeXLab 0.20.1 for Tinker Board / OpenGL ES from THIS LINK.

Some tessellation demos are available in the {GeeXLab folder}/demos/tessellation/ folder. To run the demos, just edit the file and uncomment one of the following lines:

#./GeeXLab /demofile=\"./demos/tessellation/demo01.xml\"
#./GeeXLab /demofile=\"./demos/tessellation/demo02.xml\"
./GeeXLab /demofile=\"./demos/tessellation/demo03.xml\"

Then open a terminal in GeeXLab folder and run the command:

$ sh ./

ASUS Tinker Board - OpenGL ES 3.1 tessellation demo

ASUS Tinker Board - OpenGL ES 3.1 tessellation demo

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