GeeXLab 0.13.0 Released for All Platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS and RPi)

GeeXLab - Windows, Linux, macOS and RPi

A new update of GeeXLab is available for all supported platforms: Windows (32/64-bit), Linux (64-bit), macOS and Raspberry Pi / Raspbian (OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL 2.1).

Where is the version 0.12.x.x for all platforms? Honestly I don’t know. Versions 0.12.0 and 0.12.1 have been released on June 2016 for Windows, but I failed to release them for other platforms, probably due to a lack of time. During recent coding sessions, I added many new features to GeeXLab and I finally decided to jump to the version 0.13.

GeeXLab 0.13.0 is for LEDs addicts. On Windows, I added the support of Logitech’s LED SDK. Logitech’s LED SDK functions are available in Lua and Python (the new lib is gh_logiled) and allow to program all Logitech’s devices that have LEDs like the G810 Orion. I will write a post about how to use Logitech LED functions (Updated @ 2016-11-18: the post is available HERE).

Logitech LED SDK demo

The second big feature of GeeXLab 0.13.0 is the support of RGB LED matrix panels in the Raspberry Pi version. Now you can easily control any RGB LED panel (16×32, 32×32, etc.) in Lua and Python using the new gh_rpi.rgbmatrix_xxxx() set of functions. This is very cool and easy to use. You can render any kind of scene on the RGB LED matrix panel. You are not limited to simple 2D shapes or text. I will write articles about that topic very very shortly.

RGL LED matrix 32x32 panel - GeeXLab demo on Raspberry Pi

GeeXLab as well as the code sample pack can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

For the other features, changes and bug-fixes, just read the changelog (full changelog is available HERE):

Version - 2016.11.01
+ [RPi] added a set of functions (rgbmatrix_xxxx()) to deal with 
  RGB LED matrix in the gh_rpi lib (lua/python).
! [WINDOWS] Vulkan plugin recompiled with latest Vulkan API headers (v1.0.32).
! [WINDOWS] updated the GPU monitoring plugin with GeForce GTX 1050, GTX 1050 Ti, 
  NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal), GeForce GTX 1060 6G and 3G, GeForce GTX 980M (1617)
  and GTX 980 (161A), AMD RAdeon RX 400 (RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460), Quadro P5000, 
  Quadro P6000, Quadro M6000 12GB, M6000 24GB, Quadra K620, K1200 and K2200.
+ added gpu_mem_to_cpu_mem() to gh_texture lib (lua/python).
* fixed a bug in the gh_utils.raycast_get_ray_ortho_cam().
+ [WINDOWS] added support of Logitech LED SDK in a new lib: gh_logiled 
+ [WINDOWS/PRO] added set_alpha() to gh_window lib (lua/python).
+ [PRO] fixed bugs in the export of the scene in binary format.
+ added update_box_size() to gh_mesh lib (lua / python).
+ added new fonctions in gh_utils for managing arrays of shared variables: 
  shared_variable_create_array(), shared_variable_set_array_value_1f(), 
  shared_variable_get_array_value_1f(), shared_variable_set_array_value_1i(),
  shared_variable_get_array_value_1i(), shared_variable_set_array_value_str() 
  and shared_variable_get_array_value_str(). 
+ added create_from_file_v9(), gpu_memory_upload() and gpu_memory_unload()
  to gh_texture lib (lua / python).
+ added resize_quad() to gh_mesh. resize_quad() is actually an alias 
  of update_quad_size().  
+ added exe_script_v2() to gh_utils lib  (lua / python).
* fixed a bug in Lua state initialization during the execution of ZOMBIE 
+ added do_screenshot_v3() to gh_utils (lua / python).
* fixed gh_utils.do_screenshot(): now the viewport information is properly 
  used: size (width and height) and offsets (x and y) .

Version - 2016.06.09
+ added support of texture 2D array in render targets. 
  New functions: create_array2d() and array2d_set_draw_layer() added 
  to gh_render_target lib (lua/python).
! updated the texture filtering in the OpenGL renderer.
! [WINDOWS] updated the GPU monitoring plugin with latest NVAPI R367.

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