GeeXLab Released for all Platforms

A new version of GeeXLab is available for Windows (32/64-bit), Linux (64-bit), Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi.

GeeXLab comes with a new support: Raspberry Pi with OpenGL desktop (OpenGL 2.1). This OpenGL support has been added in the freshly released Raspbian Jessie Feb 2016. For the Raspberry Pi platform (Raspbian), GeeXLab is now available in two flavors: OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL 2.1.

GeeXLab on Raspberry Pi with OpenGL 2.1 support

GeeXLab fixes few bugs and adds a new option for live-coding of scripts. You can now add the update_from_file_every_frame attribute to an XML script node and the attached Lua or Python script is updated every frame. So it’s easy to live code your demo by just editing and saving the script file. There are two conditions: the script must be in its own file and only FRAME scripts can be updated:

<script name="myFrameScript" 
        update_from_file_every_frame="1" />

I planned to add the same kind of live-coding to the GLSL shaders in the future.

On Mac OS X, the log file is now generated in GeeXLab folder like on the other platforms, and no longer in the user’s home folder.

You can download your version of GeeXLab as well as the Code Sample Pack from THIS PAGE.

The code sample pack will be re-organized soon with separate folders for OpenGL 2.1, OpenGL 3, OpenGL 4, OpenGL ES and Direct3D 12 demos.

Here is the changelog of GeeXLab

Version - 2015.02.12
+ [RPi] added support of OpenGL for desktop.  
+ [OSX] the log file is now created in GeeXLab folder.
+ added update_from_file_every_frame attribute in the script XML node
  to enable live coding on a particular Lua or Python file 
  (FRAME script) just by saving the file.
+ added is_rpi() to gh_utils (lua / python).
+ added hex_color_to_rgb() to gh_utils (lua / python).
+ added set_texel_2d_v2(), get_texel_1d(), get_texel_2d() and 
  get_texel_2d_v2() to gh_texture lib (lua / python).
+ added gpu_timer_start(), gpu_timer_stop() and gpu_timer_read() 
  to gh_renderer (lua / python).
* fixed a crash in the loading of GPU program (XML node) when shaders are in 
  separate files (filename_vs, filename_ps, ...).

4 thoughts on “GeeXLab Released for all Platforms”

  1. sfsdf

    “For the Raspberry Pi platform (Raspbian), GeeXLab is now available in two flavors: OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL 2.1.”
    Please Unify GeeXLab to provide the two flavors.
    (But have demo/example programs in two folders of course, one for OpenGL programs and one for OpenGL ES programs.)

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