GeeXLab for Windows Available

GeeXLab is essentially a maintenance release.

You can download GeeXLab from THIS PAGE. The code sample pack has been updated as well (v2.56.0).

The Python support has been improved with the possibility to set the home directory of Python. Previous versions of GeeXLab (win64 and win32) didn’t work with new Python 2.7.11 for Windows. I think something has changed in the Python installer related to the setting of the home directory. Then I added this support. By default, no home directory is specified in GeeXLab. If you need it, you can specify the Python home directory in command line with /python_home:

GeeXLab /python_home="C:/Python27"

This command line option will be also available in OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi versions of GeeXLab. You should be able to embed a Python version directly in GeeXLab folder with this new feature.

The main 3D window has now the focus on startup. That was not the case in previous versions and you had to click on GeeXLab once to get the focus. This is fixed now.

The GPU monitoring plugin has been updated with AMD Crimson support and a bug in the report of the power target on NVIDIA GPUs has been fixed.

The complete changelog is available here:

Version – 2015.12.31
+ added /python_home command line parameter to set the Python home directory.
+ added get_gpu_driver() to gh_gml lib (lua / python).
! [WINDOWS] updated GPU monitoring plugin to support AMD Crimson drivers.
* [WINDOWS] fixed: the main 3d window has now the keyboard focus at startup.
* [WINDOWS] fixed gh_gml.gpu_power_get_power_limit() (NVIDIA GTX 600+).
* fixed gh_gpumon.draw_gpu_data_v2() and gh_gpumon.draw_gpu_data_v4().
* fixed gh_utils.do_screenshot_v2().
! [WINDOWS] updated GPU Shark