GeeXLab Released for Raspberry Pi

GeeXLab for Raspberry Pi (or RPi) platforms is ready to download.

This new version of GeeXLab for the RPi improves the management of the opacity of the 3D window. You can now have a fully opaque window, or a transparent window. I will detail transparent windows on the RPi in another post. New functions have been added for moving the position of the 3D window in Lua and Python. By default, the 3D window is not movable, but you can program this behavior using:

x, y = gh_input.mouse_getpos()
gh_window.set_position(0, x, y)

You can download GeeXLab from THIS LINK.

Version - 2015.12.07
! [RPi] added a new attribut named rpi_alpha_flag to the window XML 
  node. This attribute allows a better management of the alpha channel 
  of the 3d window.
+ [RPi] added set_position(), get_position() and get_screen_size()
  to gh_window lib (lua/ python). These functions are currently
  only available on Raspberry Pi.
! [OSX] updated plugin_gxc_leapmotion_x64.dylib for Mac OS X with the
  LeapMotion SDK 2.3.1.
! [OSX] updated the mouse Y coordinate in GeeXLab Mac OS X version. 
  The Y coord is offseted by the height of the window. Now the function
  gh_input.mouse_getpos() returns a correct value for all OSes.
* fixed a bug in the ftgl plugin that appeared OpenGL 2.1 drivers.
  With theses drivers, the font texture was not uploaded in GPU mem.
+ added 32-bit version of GeeXLab for Windows that targets also
  Windows XP platforms.
+ added command line option /logfile_suffix to specify a suffix
  for the log file name.
  Ex: /logfile_suffix=_test01. The suffix allows to manage several
  instances of GeeXLab, each instance having its own logfile.
* fixed a bug in polyline/wideline module. The bug has been
  introduced with recent changes in the low level 3d lib.
* fixed some bugs in the plugin_gxc_ftgl_x64 plugin. These bugs have
  been introduced with recent changes in the low level 3d lib.
* [WINDOWS] fixed few typos (GLSL Hacker was still present in some live
  coding boxes).
! [WINDOWS] updated plugin_gxc_ffmpeg_x32.dll for Windows with 
  FFmpeg 2.8.3. All other versions of the plugin (win64, linux, osx, 
  rpi) still use FFmpeg 2.6.2.
! [WINDOWS] updated plugin_gxc_leapmotion_x64.dll for Windows with the
  LeapMotion SDK 2.3.1.

The full changelog is available HERE.

GeeXLab for Raspberry Pi

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