GeeXLab Released for Linux

GeeXLab for Linux platforms is ready to download.

This version fixes a bug in the ftgl plugin that prevented from rendering TTF/OTF fonts with OpenGL 2.1 drivers like Gallium with some old graphics cards (I tested and debugged with Linux Mint 17.2 + NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS).

I didn’t re-test but this version of GeeXLab should work on any 64-bit ubuntu / debian based distribution as well as on openSUSE.

You can download GeeXLab from THIS LINK.

GeeXLab for OS X and RPi will be updated as soon as possible.

Version - 2015.12.04
* fixed a bug in the ftgl plugin that appeared OpenGL 2.1 drivers.
  With theses drivers, the font texture was not uploaded in GPU mem.
+ added 32-bit version of GeeXLab for Windows that targets also
  Windows XP platforms.
+ added command line option /logfile_suffix to specify a suffix
  for the log file name.
  Ex: /logfile_suffix=_test01. The suffix allows to manage several
  instances of GeeXLab, each instance having its own logfile.
* fixed a bug in polyline / wideline module. The bug has been
  introduced with recent changes in the low level 3d lib.
* fixed some bugs in the plugin_gxc_ftgl_x64 plugin. These bugs have
  been introduced with recent changes in the low level 3d lib.
* fixed few typos (GLSL Hacker was still present in some live
  coding boxes).
! updated plugin_gxc_ffmpeg_x32.dll for Windows with FFmpeg 2.8.3.
  All other versions of the plugin (win64, linux, osx, rpi) still use
  FFmpeg 2.6.2.
! updated plugin_gxc_leapmotion_x64.dll for Windows with the
  LeapMotion SDK 2.3.1.

The full changelog is available HERE.

GeeXLab for Windows

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