GL-Z 0.1.0: Some Coding Details

GL-Z has just been released on Geeks3D’s main blog. It’s a simple OpenGL tool that displays GL_VERSION, GL_RENDERER as well as extensions list.

Like in most apps based on GLSL Hacker, Lua is used as the scripting language because it does not require an installation like Python (especially on Windows systems where Python is not installed).

To display OpenGL information, GL-Z uses the FreeType GL plugin that is available since GLSL Hacker version 0.8.0. Two or three TTF fonts are used. Fonts are managed with the gx_font.lua lib (part of GLSL Hacker standard libs). A small GLSL program combined with a fullscreen quad and an orthographic camera are the main ingredients of the background effect.

GL-Z source code is available in the glz_src/ folder.

GL-Z: OpenGL information utility for Windows, Linux and OS X
GL-Z on Linux Mint 17, GeForce GTX 680

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