The Snake
The classic snake game revisited


Snake v0.2.3.0 - (zip/portable)
Windows 64-bit

Snake v0.2.3.0 - (zip/portable)
Linux 64-bit

Snake v0.2.3.0 - (zip/portable)
Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit


The Snake is a free video game where the player controls a snake whose the only goal is to eat food that appears at random places on the map. The snake gets longer as it eats food. It dies if it runs into the walls, obstacles or itself.

Two game modes are available:
  • Classic Hunting: 10 maps with obstacles and 10 food per map.
  • Marathon Hunting: a single map and a lot of food (more than 100).

The Snake is the perfect game to test your reflexes.

The Snake is a game made with GeeXLab and coded in Lua.

The Snake


  • Arrow keys (UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT): move the snake
    Tip: keep on pressing an arrow to speed up the snake and press on the opposite arrow to slow it down.
  • SPACE key: pause / resume
  • ESC key: back or quit
  • F7: toogle background music
  • F8: toogle audio
  • F12: screenshot

Version History

Version - 2020.08.04 - added support of Linux 64-bit and Raspberry Pi OS (GeeXLab 0.35.2) - updated with latest GeeXLab v0.35.1 on Windows Version - 2020.04.24 - new key F9 to show/hide the background grid. - new logo - typos fixed - fixed snake rendering: when the snake is near food, the snake body is rendered under food. - updated with latest GeeXLab v0.31.0. Version - 2020.04.14 - first public version.
The Snake

The Snake

The Snake

The Snake