Phong Tessellation Demo

Started by Stefan, March 05, 2010, 04:27:39 PM

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|Phong Tessellation Demo|

Author: Tamy Boubekeur ( -
Version: 0.9
Related publications:
- Original technique: Phong Tessellation. Tamy Boubekeur and Marc Alexa. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 - ACM Transaction on Graphics, vol 27.
- Extension to Quad and TriQuad Meshes: As Simple As Possible Tessellation for Interactive Applications. Tamy Boubekeur. GPU Pro - Advanced Rendering Techniques. A.K. Peters, 2010.

This demo has not been optimized by any mean and has for only purpose to illustrate the visual improvement offered by Phong Tessellation.
It is not bug-free, use it at your own risks.

This demo requires OpenGL 2.0 hardware and has been tested on Windows Vista with a proper OpenGL driver installed. The directory contains all useful dlls, namely: QT dlls and mingw dll.

Use the mouse on the rendering window to navigate around the model. The right panel allows to select the model (triangle-based, quad-based and triquad-based) and to set up various parameters.