Author Topic: Anti-Aliasing and Subpixel Accuracy  (Read 4810 times)

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Anti-Aliasing and Subpixel Accuracy
« on: January 21, 2010, 09:31:25 PM »

Anti-Aliasing is a very well known technique used to improve the visual quality of images when displaying them on low resolution devices. It's based on the properties of the human vision. Look at the following picture and try to guess what it means.

Well, it's a word drawn with Anti-Aliasing. In terms of Kotelnikov-Shannon's theorem, the maximal frequency of the image is far above of the Shannon limit.

Now look at the same picture that has normal size and within the context. You easily recognize word “stereo”. However, the pictrures are exactly the same. The first one is just an enlarged version of the last one. This very property allows us to reconstruct missing information on the basis of accumulated experience. Anti-Aliasing doesn't make you see better, it basically makes you brain work better and reconstruct missing details. The result is great. It allows us to draw much more detailed maps for example.