Author Topic: Mandelbulbs generator using NVIDIA OptiX  (Read 10368 times)

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Mandelbulbs generator using NVIDIA OptiX
« on: November 20, 2009, 05:09:20 PM »
Definitely try this win32 binary of the Mandelbulb program !!! It's still a prototype, but very cool already.

This program can display a camera flight and smooth morph of a 3D fractal through various powers p=1...10. The program uses the well-known z^p+c iterative formula. The difference to a 2D fractal (e.g. Mandelbrot) is that some extra transformations define the term "z^p" (raise z to the power p) in 3D space. Otherwise it is basically the 2D Mandelbrot formula with arbitrary powers chosen. Power 2 is actually pretty boring in 3D, but higher powers exhibit a lot of fractal patterns. Because of its shape in higher powers it was given the name Mandelbulb.

In spite of using OptiX it runs fine on 8800GTX (G80)  :)

More infos here