Why I am getting this error when trying to run furmark ?

Started by reshma, May 29, 2023, 07:05:30 AM

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Hi Team,

I see sometime this below error coming when trying to run furmark
" Could not initialize zoomGPU. FurMark startup failed. Bye!"

I am searching for the root cause and solution but I am not able to fine.
Could you please provide me the details why it happens and what is the solution?

Thanks in Advance.


Post the content of c:\Program Files (x86)\Geeks3D\Benchmarks\FurMark\FurMark_0001.txt

Double-check with GPU Caps Viewer, which also uses ZoomGPU


Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much for the response.

I am sharing the text file and I see that content of that file is as below
<->[NORMAL]#00000001#Thu May 25 07:31:37 2023#FurMark is starting up...
<->[NORMAL]#00000002#Thu May 25 07:31:37 2023#New FurMark 2 with OpenGL and Vulkan support: https://geeks3d.com/furmark/v2/
<->[NORMAL]#00000003#Thu May 25 07:31:37 2023#Discord server: https://geeks3d.com/discord/
<->[NORMAL]#00000004#Thu May 25 07:31:37 2023#FurMark folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Geeks3D\Benchmarks\FurMark\
<->[NORMAL]#00000005#Thu May 25 07:31:37 2023#Log file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Geeks3D\Benchmarks\FurMark\FurMark_0001.txt
<!>[WARNING]#00000006#Thu May 25 07:32:11 2023#Graphics drivers detection failed.

Here we see that there is some issue with that Graphics detection that's why furmark is not starting.

BTW what is meant by "GPU Caps Viewer"? how to check that?

If we face again will share the logs again for that failure.

Thanks in advance.


Do we think it is known issue with Nvidia card? If you have also seen similar issue then please let us know.
And can you please share best BKM(best know method) to execute furmark without any error.

Not sure whether we can share those asked driver details whether it is allowed to share or not.

Thanks in Advance


Quote from: reshma on June 05, 2023, 07:38:32 AMDo we think it is known issue with Nvidia card?

Not sure whether we can share those asked driver details whether it is allowed to share or not.

If it's an nvidia card, it should work unless it's a driver issue (no driver, driver badly installed, etc.).

Now you can also test your graphics card with FurMark 2 (64-bit). Maybe the 64-bit driver will work better. FurMark 2  is available via discord:


Hi Team, JeGx, Stefan

Thanks for the response.

I had query that, do we have any way to surpass that error dialog box of Furmark startup failed.
For automation we want this dialog box to get disappear when there driver detection fail happens, so that we can try to running furmark for multiple times. Otherwise It would be difficult to kill this dialog box easily and retry furmark run.

So I was checking for command line argument or any way to suppress this below error dialog box.
"Could not Initialize Zoom GPU. Furmark Startup failed "

Please check the screenshot attached for this error.

Thanks & regards,


You can try:
FurMark /nogui /disable_gpu_monitoring /width=1280 /height=720

But I don't think it will help you. Usually when ZoomGPU initialization routine fails, it's related to to driver or the OpenGL support. Did you try the beta of FurMark 2? You can contact me directly via a private message on this forum so we can find a solution.