GeeXLab on RPi OS 64-bit Bullseye

Started by mroetter, April 01, 2023, 02:52:24 AM

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I am hoping someone can help me.  I have followed articles on this forum to install all Vulkan and mesa drivers and want to test to make sure they work and try the Vulkan demo pack.  I have downloaded and extracted several versions of GeeXLab and when I double click on the GeeXLab icon app and choose execute, nothing happens.  I have tried GeeXLab 51 for Linux 64, and GeexLab 46 for Rapberry Pi OS 64-bit.



From my few tests on Vulkan + RPi, it seems that only Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit supports Vulkan. I tested the Vulkan support in this article. You need GeeXLab 0.48.0 32-bit for Raspberry Pi.

If Vulkan is also available on Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit, I will update the 64-bit version of GeeXLab.