GDC 2023: AMD Presentations

Started by JeGX, March 26, 2023, 05:42:42 PM

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Two-level Radiance Caching for Fast and Scalable Real-Time Dynamic GI in Games: GI-1.0 PREVIEW

Optimizing Game Performance with the Radeon Developer Tool Suite

Real-time Sparse Distance Fields for Games

DirectStorage: Optimizing Load-time and Streaming

AMD Ryzen Processor Software Optimization

Optimizing Game Performance with the Radeon Developer Tool Suite
QuoteAvailable from GPUOpen, the Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite empowers game developers to achieve optimal DirectX® 12 and Vulkan® performance on AMD GPUs. These specialized tools allow the developer to inspect low-level GPU performance at the event and instruction levels, visualize detailed GPU memory allocations and memory leaks, profile ray tracing pipelines, analyze acceleration structures, and statically analyze shader bottlenecks with VGPR pressure visualization.
The Radeon Developer Panel provides rapid access to GPU performance data for visualization in the tools. This presentation will overview the Radeon GPU Profiler, Radeon Memory Visualizer, Radeon Raytracing Analyzer, and Radeon GPU Analyzer, introduce their new features and improvements, and reveal the work currently in progress.